Here In My Home- Malaysian Artistes for Unity

The video says it all. Just click the play button, listen and be proud to be a Malaysian.

Watching the video makes me proud being a Malaysian. Though there are tremendous serious issues raised lately such as oil price issue, poor leadership issues, political issues and the bla-bla-bla issues which make our country looks like the only-God-knows-how place it is. But these artistes make everything is fine in Malaysia and sure I love it. It makes me look back that Malaysia is a everybody-know-how place it is.

Look at the video, it showed us of what we are lacking to be a proud Malaysian. Look, Jason Lo is wearing our own Malaysian footballer jersey! Will you sacrifice a little bit of your money to buy that jersey? If you are willing to, I'm happy, but for me, I'm not ready yet to wear that shirt. Nice try Jason Lo!

PS:/ if you want have this mp3 for free, please visit their site here and it is legal.


Anonymous said...

Such a coincidence since I did some review about Malaysian Artistes for Unity too!
Anyway,I love this part of the song:
Bertubi asakan..bla..bla..
Hati ke depan mencari yang sayang..
(The Malay part lah.hihi!)

Well..Malasian artistes also proud to be Malaysians too!:)

silence musica said...

i love this songs. like seriously! haha