Good Day, Good Spirit

Well, holiday is almost over. Raya is great. Most of us would say the more you're aging, the lesser you enjoy the Raya, but for me, Raya is always merrier than before. Well, I managed to collect more than RM200 this Raya and at my age, it is something you should brag proud of. Thanks to all of my relatives for the money.

Well, Raya is great, full of happiness. Oh ya, Selamat Hari Raya and Maaf Zahir Batin to all my friends and bloggers (family was not mentioned as this is a no-no-family-to-read-blog). Though Raya is great, there were no photos will posted in here as I am not a photogenic stuff. Haha.

When my mother told me to use the Raya money in a smart ways which she meant to use it so that everybody can benefits from it, I'm thinking of modifying my Proton Neolah. Hehe. Thanking of upgrading the exhaust system and intake system. Since it is an auto transmission car, so I think I really need that upgrading things because I have some problem when over taking other cars. It revvs so hard and moves only an inch.

Remember about me fall of the motorcycle? Yes, my legs getting better, well only on the skins. No scars, surprised, But, deep inside the knee, I mean at the ligament, it never getting any better. During a bowling game yesterday, the pains getting deepen and harder. After the game, I went for a check at a clinic and they said something is very wrong with the ligament. Worst, they said I may need a physiotherapy stuff. Oh God, that makes me feels like an old man. Physiotherapy at 20 years old, something I never thouht of to be in my history book. However it was not confirmed yet as they asked me to go to the hospital for more details. I hope they're wrong and I'm waiting till the final exam ends for a further check up. Need to bear with this leg.

Well, this evening, I'm going back to Shah Alam, have a full day of classes tomorrow. Too bad, I have a very important presentation at tomorrow's morning and nothing looks prepared. Wish me luck!