Today is very calm. This weekend is a very awaiting time for me. The last week is a disastrous week for me. The whole week, starting from Monday till Friday, I suffered a lot. But the worst is on Tuesday. It is the day I had my first laboratory session for this semester. The lab session is a failure one this time. 4 hours spent in the lab just to connect some networks and (tried) to obtain certain outputs is a disappointed one.

This semester, I am with new lab partner. This new partner is a lady. What makes a real problem is not her gender, but her attitude. She doesn’t help me, she just watched, she sat there waiting me to connect everything and then when everything goes wrong, she can’t do anything except questioning me why it goes wrong? Aah, I can’t imagine going like this throughout the semester. By the way, this is the first time I’m having a girl as a lab partner and I hope she won’t break my respect towards women’s reputation doing jobs.

The lab partner is one, the other problem regarding my lab session is, the way lab session is handled is totally different compared to the last 2 semesters and I am very unhappy with it. Plus, we’ll having a mini project by mid-semester and I can’t imagine how to work with my new lab partner and I’m dead worry with the presentation session with her.

So, the morale of the story is, the faculty should allow us to choose our partner group by ourselves. We’ll be very happy and might score with a great marks and the happiness will back to the faculty.

Learning is great!

This is my new books that had come into my life. Materials Science and Engineering: An Introduction by William D. Callister was published by Wiley Asia Student Edition. This book is all about atoms. When a scientist named Bohr learned about an atom, he realised that nucleus is always orbited by electrons. So, after for a time, he created a Bohr’s Atomic Model which had helped in developing of chemical’s world.

Hmm, that’s just the beginning of the book. I haven’t finished going through the pages yet. But, the book is not my favourites. I don’t have a damn idea about chemicals. Why should an Electrical Engineering student learned about chemicals? The first chapter of the syllabus was already an annoying one to me. Well, the truth is, I don’t enjoy learning chemicals. That’s why I’m in Electrical studies. So, when this subject strikes my life, I can’t say anything except to just try ‘enjoy’ it. The book is just too thick! Its weight worth of a kilogram of gold!

But this book also brings back my memories. Memories about my upper secondary form where I did learned about chemicals. Back to 2004 and 2005 in MRSM Langkawi, I remember learning chemistry is no fun at all. Whenever I tried to open and read the chemistry books, my eyes get dizzy. It’s like gravity has a very strong force to pull my eyes shut. I would rather learn biology rather than chemistry. Haha. That’s why I don’t get an A for it during SPM examination. So, any tips to help me learn chemistry?

A New Journey

A new semester had begun. With new challenges coming ahead, 3rd semester will promises another joys and successful storyline. Well, this semester, I lived in a rented house. A house equipped with a police station underneath. Yes, I have a police station under my house. I like my new house. With 3 other great housemates, we need 2 more persons to make our rents and bills reasonable. So, whoever needs a room to rent in Shah Alam, with a police station under the house, call me.

New semester also brings new students to usha greet. I don’t know why, but every time new students came, it seems like they’re all looking so kebudak-budakan. Huhu, or maybe my face looks so mature I can call people like this. Well, you know it, faces with amazement, shock, and try-to-look-cool. When I first came here, I know I never had those kinds of faces. Haha. But no matter where I go, the juniors always look like that.

Being a Man

Being a man is never an easy job. No, it is not a job, it is a life! Living as a man is hard. There are millions of responsibilities you'll have on your back. There's a big gap between a man and a boy.

Being a boy is easy. Nothing to worry. You wake up from bed, asked about food, go kick a ball, ride your stabilized bicycle, and then asked for a drink. Well, that's so sweet right? But, the more you eat, the more you're aging. You won't stay as a boy forever. You're cathcing more, and more responsibilities.

Okey, looks like I've complained too much huh? Well, maybe I'm a little bit hormonal, that I guess. Haha. Well, I'm going to Shah Alam tomorrow. Back to my sweet like capacitors campus. It's a UiTM everybody. It's not I dislike being there, but, I dislike being apart from my family. Well, I'm a man in my house (xmalunyee). I did the laundry, I did the house sweeping, I helped my mum in the kitchen, I help my abah with the garden, I took care of my fever-ing grands. Look! There are too many responsibilities I had left behind! How can I leave just like that? Leaving nobody to take care of what I am leaving?

What I'm really concern is about my grands. Both of them are having a very high fever right now (I got mine from them, that I guess), so, who's going to take care of them? Really uneasy of this. I wish holiday is a month more.

After watching Super Sapien (Hellboy) story at TV3, there's a something-like-a-poem-to-me, it sounds like this (not 100% accurate):

"What makes someone into a man?

Is it how he lived, or
how he was thought? "

Hmm, for me, it is by experienced. This holiday thought me of what it takes to be a man. A responsible man. My parents had forced me to the max to learn and earn. Learn how to live and earn by myself. I didn't get money easily now, I need to work. Work for my parents lah. Well , it's good. I like it and it kind of sad and hard to leave all of this. I always like Kelantan as my place of living. Too calm and peace even you're living in the middle of town. Say, why I'm telling crapt? Tu la, kecil2 dulu xnak belajar, besar2 kan dah susah. So, never say being a man is easy, what else to be a superhero.

So, blogging will be dull, study is hard!

The Loner

This post actually should be published long time ago but since I am so sick, I'll just finished write about this.

This is the latest book I had finished reading. This one too is great to me. While reading this book, you won't ask for another book to get through your life because this one is very irresistible.

The story is about a boy, who lost his family by 14 years old, and to survive, he had done plenty of works. What I like most about this book is, well, it's about a boy's life. Then, what really nice to me is, it reminds me of how sweet it is when I am on my first crush. Well, kid's crush, you know it, don't you? If you don't have any clue about those feelings, well, it's time to have this book! Read it.

But, that's only happened in early story. Starting from the middle of the story, the story become so hard, too sad, and so much of pitiful. It told you how hard for this boy to have his family back, how he walked through the unfamiliar roads to find his first crush. Ghaww, I need more books like this! You read it, you know it. By the way, the endings always the best from a good book.

I guess this will be my last book for a while because the new semester will starts by this Monday. Gosh, today is Friday! Well, I need to give way for more academic books. So, there will be no novel for a while. (Usually, I never followed this rule! Haha.)

RinG rolls back!

It's been a while since I'd writing in here. Well, I have a fever for a last few days. After the football fever, I manage to have my own fever, and too bad nobody knows it. Hmm, kudos to my parents for being so caring. But I guess I'm getting better now. There is nothing much that I can do when I was sick. I don't drive, I don't get out, I don't futsal, I failed to don't make some readings, but I manage to do one thing.

What it is? Well, sure it is a damn good thing, right?

Well, I managed to make my own links to other blogs that I frequently go. Well, I'm surprised that it seems so little that I have. So, if anybody out there think their blog is not here, and wants it to be here, please do tell me! I'll put yours Hmm, another super-duper surprised is, most of the blogs that I went, and appeared in my lists are belong to women. Whoa, am I a silent pervert?