New gadget

well, needless to say more, I bought a new iPod. Huhu. So happy to have it and it superb cool! Thanks to those who gave me duit raya. Thanks! Thanks!

Everything Is Here

Well well, it's a while since the last time I'm blogging. Well, needless to elaborate, I'm kind of busy and I don't have a computer to blog. Where is my computer? Well, stolen when my house was robbed.

Okay, first of all, all I want to say is Selamat Hari Raya! Forgive me if there are any mistakes that I did in my posts that hurts your feelings. Well, I'm sorry too because hasn't been to your blog for a long time, I try later.

Okay, if anybody out there who interested to know what happened to me for the few months ago, here it is:

1) I'm busy, I learn too much something that I don't understand so time was managed to release tension, not to study had. haha

2) My car give me a some minor problems twice. First, there is some error electronically but after it gets done, my car feels like a brand new one. Second, my tire flat. Worst, it happened at Putrajaya and what makes me feels like crying is my spare tyre has no pressure. Suffered for a while, luckily there are supportive friends who help me out there. Thanks guys.

3) I have some dental problem. At first day puasa during the very first sahur, my tooth broke and when I go see the dentist, well...... all I remember about dentist is pain pain PAIN. (T.T)

4) My new driving record going back to Kelantan for this Raya is 6 hour and 30 minutes. Impressed? Well, I do.

5) Well, I always wants to update this blog but never have enough time, plus my new house still did not have the access to Internet. Well, now I'm renting at the other place. Much much cheaper but the house is quite old.

6) My phone sank into sink just now when I was washing the dishes (tu la, time basuh pinggan pun nak main tepon).

That's it. Hope you enjoy reading some update here. I'll get this blog updated much frequent next time, I'll try my best.