Somehow I miss my sister very much. Seeing her picture posted in Myspace make it worst. Though seeing her recent pictures makes me glad she is fine and healthy and make friends, I still can't get rid my worries for her. I need something more than pictures to trust her.

Should I flee there? Haha, maybe!

Financially broke

Seems like the world recession and depression had plumbing my pocket. I don't know how but somehow I am short of money. I don't know where did I spent the money. If I have RM10 and spend cautiously but at the end of the day, I lost it without knowing where had it gone.

I don't know if I can survive till the end of semester. Hopefully I won't asking extra money from parents by that time but it seems impossible.

Again, I survived from Hell

Yes, I wrote before that I'm rolling out of hell. Last two weeks had been a very hectic week for me. Imagine four tests in two weeks and the side effect is I completely lost my soul and fetched it at the Hell's door. Scary~

So, last weekend had been a great time to rest. I sleep, I do nothing, I read novel, I surf the net, and then I do nothing again. Aah, what a harmonist way to have some body and soul relaxes.

Last two weeks also is the day where my sister officially went to New Zealand, Christchurch (if I'm not mistaken) to study. Though she and I used to not seeing each other for a long time (we study at different places and her place always better than mine), but I already miss her. All that I hope is she's doing fine there.

pS/ shotliver, if you found her, you drag her to your Salsa class and Kendo is better. She's dying of boredom. Hehe

I'm Free!

At last, after almost 2 years living without Internet, my rented house has gained the access. Because we can't subscribe to Streamyx due to house developer policy, we take iZZi. Though it is a bit pricey, but it is worth it.

So far, the connection is good, very good. The download and upload rate is better compare to Streamyx especially during peak time. iZZi is a wireless Internet provider. Even though connection without wire usually got a bad review from technology wise person, I think there is nothing less with this connection type.

I hope somebody from iZZi read this and give me a free gift for a good review. LOL