No tears

Last two nights, somebody post on his Facebook profile that he was watching a Japanese drama, 1 Litre of Tears. Reading through the messages replied for him, it seems like a very good story to watch. So I get on the Youtube and watching it.


I like the story very much. Well, I've cut my sleeping times just to watch the drama. Plus reading the comments put by other users also quite interesting.(well I do like reading comments. hehe) Many watchers said they cried a lot, some says they cried at every episode, others said they cried whenever the actors and actress cried (lol) and the worst might be the one who claimed they cried 2 litres or more of tears. haha.

For me, I don't cry. I don't know why it is hard for me to cry. Well, now I'm waiting for the final episode finish the buffering, so let see whether I'll cry or not. (Many claimed the last episode is very eyes watering. huhu)


I've done some update at my blog list, so if i've done some mistake, do notify me, i you are not there, feel free to tell me.


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The Feels Of Being Explored

Sometimes when we see people who are in trouble it remains only as a trouble. We don't feel it, we don't understand it, and we just give a sympathy look just to show our concern. Berat mata memandang, berat lagi bahu memikul. People who were raped, do you know what do they feel? Do we understand their horror? Do you want to know it? Well, I assume many don’t want to experience it, well I would say don’t. Do you know how it feels? Well, it feels terrible! Imagine somebody who is cruel filling his heart with darkness crossing, exploring, searching, messing up into your body, how do it feel? Disgusted? Well YES!

Why do I know this? Of course I’m not being rape.

Well, last weekend my family and I were out of state, and when we’re back, it turns out our house was robbed. I lost my laptop, my mother lost all of her jewelry, and luckily we’re not the type who put a lot of money in the house. Well, we’re okay, I’m okay. What I hate about this robbery is when seeing how my father reacts, well, I pity him seeing he cried. Thank God my mom is okay though she’s the one who lost biggest.

The police had done everything that should though it feels disappointed to see how they do their job, well not putting them into a good standard. We too do seek an Imam to pray for us and for sure we too pray for all of these shouldn’t happen anymore.

When my friends ask me how is everything? Well, it feels like being raped! Like I said, “imagine somebody who is cruel filling his heart with darkness crossing exploring, searching, messing up into your body, how do it feel? Disgusted? Well YES!” It is too disgusted to imagine somebody who is bad entering our house.