I Cannot Think Any Title For This Post

Ockay, this post is a real despo one. Well why not, March is going to the end in several days and I haven't make a post yet for this month. Well, apology for my absence, I am very busy right now, yes like a Prime Minister, I am busy.

Comes March, I had been focusing a lot in developing my software for final year project. Too bad to be good, I am using Codeblocks for developing my C language program and I was building for the Petri Net monitoring system programs. And praise to Allah I already manage to finish the software development and now I need to find out how to interface my programs with the hardware. So far I am ahead of my schedule and I am happy with the progress. (Actually this writing is part of my speech where I practice for the interview sessions , hehe)

Now comes April. 1st April, usually there are people out there who likes to make pranks on this day. Before it is too late, I want to share a story, I remember last year, I made a prank to a girl, turns out the joke is really sensitive, a hard one, I made her cry. Then after that we never being good to each other again. I feel like the most horrible man living on this planet. The point here is, it is okay if a prank or more is done, but don't over do it. Please, consider others first before launching the naughty inside you. I am talking from the experience here so hopefully somebody understands this. And for this year, I think there will be no prank from me. **serik**