This Is For Everybody

One of my new year resolution is to get my blog keeps updated. Now it is almost April and my resolution is having a gloomy future. Everything about my new year's resolution is getting into failure day by day. My blog, my life, my study, my family's hope towards me, everything is in uncertain.

Nothing is certain in this life, but at least we can plan our life and I still fail to plan my life.

Blogging is one of the most enjoyable thing I had done in my life. Everyday, I used to visit other's blog, my mind is always thinking what is next to update, my mind is full of ideas. I used to love blogging and now, I just loveD blogging.

But now blogging is not my priority anymore. If in the past my mind used to thinking about blogging, but today it is not anymore. I have something new in my life to think about. Yes, this thing is really enjoyable. This is my first time in my life. Yes, this is really my first time and I'm afraid. lol. But things still in gloomy state. "SHE" confessed, but I'm so young, I'm so naive, I am so flattered, so I said, 'relax'. But I always think about her.

Love is taking over blogging in my life. But love is something I never want to be certain. She wants love but I want to get laid don't have love in me.

This is what currently happened to me in this few days, few weeks ago. So this explain why updating is so rare right now. (Ape kaitan eh ngan aku tak update? macam xde kaitan, aah biarlah)

This is a Joke, I am So Hot

Malaysia, a country where I can say a little bit moving backwardly. After 53 years of independent, after hundreds of years being ruled by Westerners, there is a thing that I am not satisfy with Malaysia.

Yesterday, today, the coming days, the weather is hot. Yesterday, I didn't stop sweating and changed my clothes for 4 times. I bathed for many many many times. Today,I didn't change that much clothes because there will be no more clothes for tomorrow. The day just getting hotter with this guy. Seriously, he has no life, that's whyhe never gets LD.

But the point of this post is, I am really dissapointed with Malaysia is because we still don't have snow in our land. Call me crazy or what. All i want is snow! Malaysian shouldrealize that we've been cheated the whole life. We need to revolt our way of life. Hot and humid climate is not relevant nowadays since the thinning of atmosphere. People, let's call for a change, push our Government to turn our climate into four season climates.

PS/ this post isjust for fun, I'm just kidding. So desperate to make some update since there is demand for it. To Malaysia, don't sue me. Hehehe