Not A Rock Not Yet A Diamond

Few days ago (actually it is not just few days ago, I frequently visited his page but few days before are too boring so whenever I am online, I was there.. haha), I was sticking to Paultan's blog, he is an active automotive writer. He writes about cars all over the world and he is Malaysian and of course he writes about Proton and Perodua too. And I am more into his Proton's writings, not because I own one, well I like reading about Proton and despite everybody's doubts and hating towards roton, surprisingly, there are still many of them are eager to know and have an updates about Proton .

Surprisingly, Proton has gone beyond more than I know. They have built their own engines which is the CamPro and CPS, starting to develop the electric vehicle technology, the still under development hybrid system, our own turbocharged engine!!!, the first national MPV, and a very highly regards the MEM Proton Satria Neo Super 2000 rally car(weeewwiit!!). Well, look at that! Look how much Proton had moved. See the differences at their early years when our first national car, Proton Saga was rebadge from the Mitsubishi technology of Japan and their current achievement at global stage? Proton now and then has improve so much in less than 30 years, well I just can't help proud of the national car.

But too bad, so sad there are still people out there who are still bashing and hantam the Proton as if Proton never change from 20 years ago. These people are demanding more from Proton. They want Proton to be fast at least can beat the Type R, they want the quality to be like the BMW or Merc, and there are some idiot out there who likes to compare Proton with other highly regards manufacturer such as Audi, Bently, or Jaguar. Well, comparing is good, but at least let it be on par la. They want good things from Proton but want a teh O kurang gula price. Some people going very good about saying not to proud driving a national car and die in it due to lack of confidence in safety measures, so 'stereotyper'. I hate these people (especially the Japanese car fan wannabe), if they have much money, okay that's good, go make your own car and have fun.

Well, these people forget why the Proton was built at first place. They forget about the low class family in Malaysia who can't afford a pricey car. I believed Proton now is in the right path for success. The reason they build such 'not so quality' cars is because to make sure that they can target every economical based classes in Malaysia.People in Proton has a business mind and they cannot leave the poor but need a car rakyat. Imagine what if Proton doing all of these fast and highly quality where when you crash into a lorry carrying cows and the car did not split into two, I don't think my grandfather could afford to buy his new Proton Saga BLM yesterday everybody can afford it. And I hope Proton would never in their mind to produce any fast car because as we all know Malaysian drivers are reckless and immature in driving. Worst, try to imagine if there is no Proton. What would happen if Proton is never here. Imagine those foreign manufacturer came and selling their cars at high prices because they knew, without local cheap cars, they can selling their products higher and their accessories also will be tag at a car cost. Foreign monopoly is not healthy to our economy, it is way dangerous.

Anyway, yes I do agree Proton are still much backward compare to other manufacturer, they still need to make changes. They still have many problems to counter. What I can hope is they do a lot more R&D, try to make everything cheaper especially their after sales service, and still being competitive and relevant. They are not shining like a diamond yet but in the future I believed they will shine and they never be like they were 20 years back when producing a tin milo car. Well, at least there are no more power window and gear box problems like we have heard before, but if there is any, it is minimum compared to years ago. But still as a Malaysian, do not condemn the them, support them and be proud to have a national car manufacturer.

Aritu Tu Aku G Bercuti

I still remember that day back in December 2005. It was raining and there were no electricity at all at the hostel but everybody's mood is at their own peak because it is our last day of SPM examination. Well, the feeling of getting out of school is good, very good. It feels my entire burden has been lifted as if God has blessed me in the non successful of two hours EST examination examination hall because the feeling is so calm, so peaceful, so doped by the very extraordinary emptied brain. Hahahaha. My youngest bro just finished his SPM and well, it just reminds me of those good days.

So to celebrate the fact of there would be no more in our siblings sitting for SPM, we have a nice trip to Penang last weekend. Well, the celebration is just an excuse so that our parents would let us go having some fun and of course giving us some money. Yeahaa! (And I'm bringing along my cousin who just finished his SPM).

The trip was a lot of fun. I wonder why I like so much travelling to northern region but I know they have a lot of nice places. The main agenda going to Penang is to be at Pesta Penang, to ride those crazy adrenaline rush machines. (If you never know what Pesta Penang can offer, well they have machines just like the Genting [not the mesin judi but the roller coaster and space shot stuff, well something like that] have except the Pesta one is more crazier and crueler, trust me).

Overall, the trip is a great one and the only thing that spoils my vacation is my exam result . It was released in one of those holidays. Well, again my grade is a little bit going down and thank God I am still in the safe spot but now is under a very very deadly parents' watch. What can I say, 2009 is not my academic year. My grade going down in both two semesters in this year and I hope 2010 will be just like 2007 and 2008 and would be much better. Anyway, just like last semester, the frustration is not permanent and I would be lazy again but I hope I would change, for good that I hope.

Broke Broke Broke, Got No Money In My Bank Now

Yeahuu, this semester break is so much of fun. I did not involve in any working area. I just stay at home. But the fun only happens after my 2 weeks of struggling to find a job and sadly I didn't found one. Working, hmm all that I wanted is only one month and nobody wants to hire me for a month and most of the reason I got is they are waiting for the SPM school leavers to apply, well probability these dropouts kids are staying longer than me. Even after begging I don't mind I got my salary being cut off, they still don't want to hire me for only a month. And now, it is too late already to find a job because I won't make any one month working time anymore.

Well, actually I am in needing some money now. Though the minimum I can expect to have for this semester break is at least RM500, I failed to achieve even a cent. Well, there is so much I want to do with the money that I am so desperate now. I need to buy new clothes, a new laptop (yes remember, mine was stolen and yes my parents do help me but their allowance to buy the new one did not suit my budget. hoho what a spoilt I am), and the most ridiculous thing I want to do is upgrading my car so that I can enter a drag session next year, yeah, what a dream. Stupid dream I guess. But I really really really want to join at least one drag session, it is kind of cool I think seeing my friends joining it. But, never mind, it is just a dream and dream will always be a dream.

I know RM500 is too little to get everything that I wanted. But at least, at least, at least...... well I don't know what I am hoping for. Even getting a job is hard enough what else to make a RM500. And I know asking from parents is an okay but I don't think it is a good solution. Come on, I'm 21 and going 22 in just a month (everybody, get ready for this.. haha). And my parents already agreed to pay for my car's major service and it is superbly expensive, I never can afford to pay the service charges and plus I need to do some tyre replacement because the old one has a problem with wet traction and I had skidded several times and it is dangerous and my mother is well convinced yippee. So they had spent a lot of money there for me and I didn't have the ball heart to ask for more money. Okay, let's eat the frustration.

Now I am happy working at home. To pay back their kindness for paying the stupid expensive maintenance for my car. From racking leaves at my house compound, washing the cars everyday, clean the house, cooking. Sounds easy right but surprisingly it are way too tired and I never get everything done until now. and I'm doing this because my mother still cannot find a replacement for her house cleaner which retired for a year already. Well, a cleaner where she came every weekend to clean the house, yeah that type, we don't need a full time maid that's a waste I we think, and now I'm replacing her for almost everyday. Now I wonder how my mother keeps the house clean all this year, it must be a tiring session. I cook? Yes cooking, I love cooking and I wonder why I didn't push harder to get into culinary course years ago and now suffering in engineering world, but thank God that pain is sweet. But it's okay, I am happy now doing all the house chores. It makes my love for my house grew bigger. Home sweet home and the sickest thing about these things is I haven't going out for almost 3 days and it sucks. Boooring!

At last, after a whole year missing my sister, she is back from New Zealand. Well, I don't missed her that much but my parents do, seriously I don't, haha. And she is here bringing along her friends so that I can choose which one (or two or three or four) I want to take as my girlfriend, flocking into my house (and they stay for several nights!!!) leaving my dad and I being uncomfortable in our own house (seriously, there are many of them). You know what, at first meeting (with my sister and ALL of her friends) my face really gets blushed. I can feel my face warmed and its getting hotter, and hotter and hotter and warmer. Oh my God, all I can do is pray so that nobody noticed it (though I know they are all not blind). hen, don't know how red it can be and I don't want to know it either, I chiow somewhere else. I don't know why I easily get blushed when I am with girls who I am not familiar with and it always happens(most of my friends know this). Then, the next day when I know more of her friends is coming to the house and stay for a while, I decided to leave my dad alone with the girls, have fun dad! pack my things and moved to my grandparent's house. Haha, shame on me for being such a cocky shy boy.

So, I read this when I was with my grand's.

Reading from the covers, the title is Book of Tomorrow by Cecila Ahern. Well, I think this is the newest from her and this is my first time reading her book and I don't know her. So, reading some synopsis at the back of the book, the impression about the story is about a book which tells about your tomorrow. And the main character in the story, a girl name Tamara has to decide what she has to do with her already-know-tomorrow-fate. Then I read, and read and read and I found nothing interesting about the book. The book is a crap. The story is all about the girl's life and the ending is only about the girl's life, means there are nothing about the mysteriousness of the book revealed which I was hoping for. I don't like the story, I don't like the book. If you're a girl, a good girl, this is a good book for you. Good boys don't read this book, bad boys don't read this too. This is a girl's book. I regret buying this book using my last part of my scholarship. What a waste (that is why I am so angry hormonal upset now.)

But if you're planning to stay at your grandparent's house for a while and they have nothing to feed your fun-and-enjoy-till-die life, so this book is not that bad to read but still, it is a bad book. So, don't buy this book! (unless there are some terrorists putting your neck into the edge of the sword forcing you to buy this book, so you buy it)

Move On laa

Remember Hai-O? The one who appeared in local television with stupid acts and makes everybody in Malaysia laughed out loud over the expressionless advertisement, do you remember it? Well, if I'm not mistaken, Hai-O is the company who distributes the water filter which carried the Bio-Aura brand, correct me if I'm wrong. Well, think again, why do we need the water filter and why selling the filters could make people rich.

Water filter, hmm, I do have one at my house, not a Bio-Aura product, but a kind where you put the filter before your tank so that the water in the tank is already filtered. Well, I am not to brag that my house has one, but to appoint why do we need them? Take a look at your water bill, what kind of service do you pay to the contractor (at my place it is Air Kelantan Sdn Bhd) where the rates are so high and all that you deserved is a gold-like coloured waters. I know some of the rates are dedicated for maintenance, for supplying the waters, for the amount of water received, but the exact amount of bills we pay here, do you know at the more civilized (modern) country we can get a cleaner water supply. It is clean till you can drink from the tap, do it here and the next few hours you'll get cholera that I'm sure.

Ever heard any business man from Europe, American, Oceana get rich because supplying water filter? Noticed that in film people from these continents drink right from the tap? Serving the guests with water from the tap! Well, that's what I want from our own tap. Give me reasons so that the bill is worth every cent. Come on la government, open up, wake up, make these contractors improve the water quality. Think what happens to those who can't afford to buy the damn filters. Last morning they buy new white clothes, the next day the white colours turn out gray. And the worst will go to school children, I had once during my primary school, it sucks. Now I have grown up, the quality never improved, I ought for improvement.

PS/ wish somebody from the water agency to read this.

Starting Over

It had been a very long time ago since the last time I make a review about books that I read. Well, this is my latest reading, another book from my favourite author, Tony Parson

Well, just like me trying to start writing again in this blog (and of course getting everybody's attention back) this book tells about a man's life trying to rebuild his life after getting the second chance to live.

Well, it is a good book to have to kill your (or is it only me who have..) free time during rainy season? I don't quite sure whether this book is good or not but because Tony Parson is my favorite author, anything that he wrote suit my reading style. Usually, it is all about a man's life turns sucks due to difficulties which any man could have in their own life. That is what he usually wrote and I like reading it.

Starting Over gives you the real situation when a man whose life is a so-so, I mean he goes to work, he make sure there is food on the table, giving his children educations, doing the house chores and so on. To make it simple he does what an ordinary father and husband do. This story tells us (I refer to man) that it is not enough. Being a father to your own child is not enough. Being a husband to a wife too is not enough. Our way of life demands men to act more than a father and husband. And George only realizes it is not enough only when he gets a heart attack. And for the sake of continuity of the story, Tony Parson elaborate what we (again, to man) should really do to make our (man, again, well this is a story about a man's life) family being together. So what we need to do? You read it on your own and lu pikr la sendiri.

George who had a heart attack was given the second chance where he was given a new heart, to survive. Here, Tony Parson wants to teach every man in this world to take care of their own family more than they expected. Second chance in this book is to make us think, what if we never have the second chance to build our family. To correct what we have done wrong in building the family. So, if you're a family guy, buy this, and read it. I don't know how to explain more since I don't have my own family yet. I mean a family of my own wife and children.

PS/ this is only my personal view, nothing great actually.

Well, update

Hehe, well it seems I am too busy to make some updates before this. Well, the another semester had finished. Last semester was a superb hectic one. I never knew why I don't have time to blog, I was too busy. But hey, the semester is over and all I want is the best result for the exams. And the best part when the final examination is over is you are at home!

By the way, before reaching home, I was with my friends, we were traveling throughout the northern peninsular. Hehe, seriously it was fun and I hope we will make it again someday. Well, I've been to Perak, Pahang, Terengganu, and lastly, back to my hometown, Kelantan. The journey was a budgeted one, we just stroll wherever we found interesting such as Teluk Batik at Perak(dunno the exact place), Menara Condong at Teluk Intan, Teluk Chempedak at Kuantan, seeing the Kemaman city fired by flames from the something to do with Petronas places, visiting the Masjid Kristal at Terengganu and lastly, going to the the biggest museum in Malaysia claimed by the museum itself.

Seriuosly, it is fun to have a journey like that, anybody who read this should plan one. Well, the cost is not to high as you're sharing the expenses with your friends. Well, try have one.

And here I promise to try to get updated more often. Hehe

ps/ if you think this post sucks, well it gets harder to start writing again after you leave it for a long time, I'll try my best next time. Peace

New gadget

well, needless to say more, I bought a new iPod. Huhu. So happy to have it and it superb cool! Thanks to those who gave me duit raya. Thanks! Thanks!

Everything Is Here

Well well, it's a while since the last time I'm blogging. Well, needless to elaborate, I'm kind of busy and I don't have a computer to blog. Where is my computer? Well, stolen when my house was robbed.

Okay, first of all, all I want to say is Selamat Hari Raya! Forgive me if there are any mistakes that I did in my posts that hurts your feelings. Well, I'm sorry too because hasn't been to your blog for a long time, I try later.

Okay, if anybody out there who interested to know what happened to me for the few months ago, here it is:

1) I'm busy, I learn too much something that I don't understand so time was managed to release tension, not to study had. haha

2) My car give me a some minor problems twice. First, there is some error electronically but after it gets done, my car feels like a brand new one. Second, my tire flat. Worst, it happened at Putrajaya and what makes me feels like crying is my spare tyre has no pressure. Suffered for a while, luckily there are supportive friends who help me out there. Thanks guys.

3) I have some dental problem. At first day puasa during the very first sahur, my tooth broke and when I go see the dentist, well...... all I remember about dentist is pain pain PAIN. (T.T)

4) My new driving record going back to Kelantan for this Raya is 6 hour and 30 minutes. Impressed? Well, I do.

5) Well, I always wants to update this blog but never have enough time, plus my new house still did not have the access to Internet. Well, now I'm renting at the other place. Much much cheaper but the house is quite old.

6) My phone sank into sink just now when I was washing the dishes (tu la, time basuh pinggan pun nak main tepon).

That's it. Hope you enjoy reading some update here. I'll get this blog updated much frequent next time, I'll try my best.

Merry Marry

Well, I have something that I want to write here actually. So, as usual, before I start my writings, I would start with visiting my friend's blogs first, just to have some writing feelings and to get used with words. Hehe. So when I get into musica and heroic's blog, well they have one thing in common, sharing a tag and surprisingly, musica tagged me. So here it goes..

1. how old are you?
21 years old, just registered with SPR yesterday.

2. are you single?
Yes I am but I'm looking forward with an ahmoi I've been lepak-ing for 2 weeks already. 16 consecutive days I've hanging around with her, wow, I'm impressed she's really cute!

3. at what age do you think you'll get married?

35 and above, dunno why

4. do you think you'll marrying the person you are with now?
i don't have partner yet but the ahmoi is so cuute! wish the religion, race, and culture differences won't be a major problem in the future. hehe

5. if not, who do you want to marry?
the ahmoi's sister. haha

6. who will be your bridesmaid & bestman?
maybe somebody who is from my family, never think about this.

7. do you want a garden/beach or traditional wedding?
traditional sudeyh

8. where do you plan to go on honeymoon?
any island in the world as long as it is not the Langkawi. haha

9. how many guests do you think you'll invite?
i'll post about it on myspace, on facebook and not to forget to announce it in this blog so everybody can come. haha (mati la ramai)

10. will that include your exes?
thank God I don't have an ex and I don't need one.

11. how many layers of cake do you want?
emmm, go ask the lady!

12. when do you want to get married, morning or evening?
morning, like heroic, after Subuh, a good day to start with (maybe)

13. name the song/tune you'd like to play at your wedding.
Aaaa, people don't play musics during wedding at my place. so, I have no idea, again, ask the lady!

14. do you prefer fine dining or just normal spoon & fork? knife?
The right hand style

15. champagne or red wine?
Ask the lady! Haha, kidding, marah pulak Nik Aziz karang, sarsi is enough.

16. honeymoon right after the wedding or days after the wedding?
RIGHT AFTER THE WEDDING! I don't bother to help cleaning after the kenduri so it is better to leave. (n_n)

17. money or household items
money, we need it for our honeymoon. hehe

18. how many kids would you like to have?
Aaaa? Kids? Kid cannot a?

19. will you record your honeymoon in DVD/CD?
If my 35 years old is still photogenic enough, I don't bother to hire a pro. Hehe

20. whose wedding plan would you like to know next?
The flower goes to achuteradeh, ariana, cik kiah, izzah ismail, javas (ntah ko bace ke tak), kak norae, just engaged princess liyana,shotliver, turtle's, and syahirah lalala.. please do! hehe (again, just realize most of my blog list members are ladies)

No tears

Last two nights, somebody post on his Facebook profile that he was watching a Japanese drama, 1 Litre of Tears. Reading through the messages replied for him, it seems like a very good story to watch. So I get on the Youtube and watching it.


I like the story very much. Well, I've cut my sleeping times just to watch the drama. Plus reading the comments put by other users also quite interesting.(well I do like reading comments. hehe) Many watchers said they cried a lot, some says they cried at every episode, others said they cried whenever the actors and actress cried (lol) and the worst might be the one who claimed they cried 2 litres or more of tears. haha.

For me, I don't cry. I don't know why it is hard for me to cry. Well, now I'm waiting for the final episode finish the buffering, so let see whether I'll cry or not. (Many claimed the last episode is very eyes watering. huhu)


I've done some update at my blog list, so if i've done some mistake, do notify me, i you are not there, feel free to tell me.


~making friends is fun~

The Feels Of Being Explored

Sometimes when we see people who are in trouble it remains only as a trouble. We don't feel it, we don't understand it, and we just give a sympathy look just to show our concern. Berat mata memandang, berat lagi bahu memikul. People who were raped, do you know what do they feel? Do we understand their horror? Do you want to know it? Well, I assume many don’t want to experience it, well I would say don’t. Do you know how it feels? Well, it feels terrible! Imagine somebody who is cruel filling his heart with darkness crossing, exploring, searching, messing up into your body, how do it feel? Disgusted? Well YES!

Why do I know this? Of course I’m not being rape.

Well, last weekend my family and I were out of state, and when we’re back, it turns out our house was robbed. I lost my laptop, my mother lost all of her jewelry, and luckily we’re not the type who put a lot of money in the house. Well, we’re okay, I’m okay. What I hate about this robbery is when seeing how my father reacts, well, I pity him seeing he cried. Thank God my mom is okay though she’s the one who lost biggest.

The police had done everything that should though it feels disappointed to see how they do their job, well not putting them into a good standard. We too do seek an Imam to pray for us and for sure we too pray for all of these shouldn’t happen anymore.

When my friends ask me how is everything? Well, it feels like being raped! Like I said, “imagine somebody who is cruel filling his heart with darkness crossing exploring, searching, messing up into your body, how do it feel? Disgusted? Well YES!” It is too disgusted to imagine somebody who is bad entering our house.