Aritu Tu Aku G Bercuti

I still remember that day back in December 2005. It was raining and there were no electricity at all at the hostel but everybody's mood is at their own peak because it is our last day of SPM examination. Well, the feeling of getting out of school is good, very good. It feels my entire burden has been lifted as if God has blessed me in the non successful of two hours EST examination examination hall because the feeling is so calm, so peaceful, so doped by the very extraordinary emptied brain. Hahahaha. My youngest bro just finished his SPM and well, it just reminds me of those good days.

So to celebrate the fact of there would be no more in our siblings sitting for SPM, we have a nice trip to Penang last weekend. Well, the celebration is just an excuse so that our parents would let us go having some fun and of course giving us some money. Yeahaa! (And I'm bringing along my cousin who just finished his SPM).

The trip was a lot of fun. I wonder why I like so much travelling to northern region but I know they have a lot of nice places. The main agenda going to Penang is to be at Pesta Penang, to ride those crazy adrenaline rush machines. (If you never know what Pesta Penang can offer, well they have machines just like the Genting [not the mesin judi but the roller coaster and space shot stuff, well something like that] have except the Pesta one is more crazier and crueler, trust me).

Overall, the trip is a great one and the only thing that spoils my vacation is my exam result . It was released in one of those holidays. Well, again my grade is a little bit going down and thank God I am still in the safe spot but now is under a very very deadly parents' watch. What can I say, 2009 is not my academic year. My grade going down in both two semesters in this year and I hope 2010 will be just like 2007 and 2008 and would be much better. Anyway, just like last semester, the frustration is not permanent and I would be lazy again but I hope I would change, for good that I hope.