There’s always a dark cloud after a bright one.

It’s been a while since my last time posting and hopping to others blog. Last 2 weeks were the wackiest week for me. The first week is the holiday one. I’m very busy with family, members, and for myself. So, time for blogging stuff was very limited.

The second week is a week where everything turned into disaster. With the whole holiday I didn’t do any assignment, last week, I spent my days mostly on assignment. Plus, I also had 3 tests last week and I don’t prepare anything for it. So, the result that I got for now, I almost fail my Digital’s test and it is the worst. I was expecting a good mark from Digital subject since it is my favourite subject and mostly I understand the subject very well. But a lot of simple-dimple mistakes make a super duper failing result. The day I got that result is the heart breaking day for me.

Then, come Saturday, which I got 2 tests on this day. Material Science at morning while Signal System on noon, this was a very tiring mentally and physically. Imagine I need to prepare for 3 tests and assignments in a week, I regret not spending the holiday correctly. But now I’m free! Free from tests, and assignments. I’ve finished all and I’m free. Merdeka!

Happy Independence Day and Enjoy the Ramadan!

Chelsea is back, me too!

The Chelsea is back into the action after a long season break and now, Ring is back too to be at home for a mid-semester break for a precious week. I'm on holiday now!!! Yay! Love to see my parents, brithers and sister, grandpa and grandma. Thank God everybody is fine. My grands are feeling better now. I'm just happy to be with my family after almost a month of cruel study. And I'm happy to be with my car back! hoho

The opening Chelsea's game for this new English Premiere League season is a great game. Winning 4-0 over Portsmouth is not an easy job but Chelsea had proved that they are ready to win this season and be the best.

Thanks to Chong Wei's bad game at the Olympic and finished earlier, I don't need to fight with my father to watch the game. Well, my father is a big badminton's fan and he won't let me watch Chelsea's game. But the Chelsea's game was too great to miss. There was no time at all to be rated as boring. The ball is always moving, the players always running, and the game is always a heartbeat.

Compared to Manchester United's game, it was a huge difference. I slept many times watching that game. I don't know what happened but, it's not like watching a world class game. Jonas from Newcastle United is the brilliant player that I saw on pitch, and I just bought him on fantasy premiere league. Thank God, I had nobody from Man U in my team. Ha ha.

So, as usual, the war between my friendS always there whenever the season starts. Usually, I will be the only man who belongs to Chelsea and the rest is the Red Devil's worshipper. And this time, it will be more difficult to me as I'm the only one who supports Chelsea in my (rented)house and the rest are The Devils.

Pakatan Rakyat, beware, the UiTM sings!

When Tan Sri Khalid suggested for UiTM be opened to non-Malays and non-bumis, there were many reactions arise among UiTM members. Mostly, they were angry. But there are some who seems like the idea but ended being criticised by others. If you ask me, I would say, let UiTM be like today.

What happened last week is a great scene for me. I saw students talked about how fortune of Malays to have this special privileges. They raised their concerned for the Malays, not only for them, but also for the future’s benefits too. I got friends who always have crappy talks, but appeared over matured when speaking their minds regarding UiTM issues.

Night before the Shah Alam’s campus rally to the Selangor State Secretariat building, there were students had a convoy around the campus and shouts Malay’s rights. The next day, they walked to the building with pride being a UiTM student. Certain faculties even gave their students a leave on class to let them join the convoy.

Well, the latest ‘demonstration’ by UiTM student that I heard is at UiTM Bukit Mertajam campus. Some consider demonstration at this place is serious. Very serious, especially for the Pakatan Rakyat. The demonstration by students at the area will affect the Permatang Pauh election as Malay voters confidence is very important there. I’m not on any political side but, if this continue to happen, the PKR will have a weak point here. So, a call for Tan Sri Khalid to say his sorry is important for the sake of Malays, Bumiputera, UiTM, and the so much hope towards political changes.

Last week, I...

Last week, I am broke. I don’t have much money and too bad I didn’t notice it earlier. It was a shameful moment when I went to the counter to pay for a bottled drink and realised I only have RM1 in my wallet. What a shame! What a shame! Only by then I rushed to the bank and withdraw some. The whole week was so busy for me to notice that I didn’t have money.

Last week, I finally have my own motorcycle for me to go to class gets easier. When I don’t have the motorcycle, I have to wait for my friend so that I can have a ride with him. I hate waiting, but that was not my main problem. The real problem was, when the class is over, I had to walk right from the class, through the almost-every-week-accident busy university road, until I finally reached home. Dah la dalam lautan pejalan kaki tuh, boleh dikatakan selalunya, aku sorang je laki yang berjalan kaki balik umah! Letih satu hal! Macho pon nak kena control! Letih, letih! But now, life is getting easier. I don’t need to wait for my friend; neither do I need to walk to get home. Last week is a time when I killed one of my sufferings.

Last week, I just got to know that I am living in a place where technology is unreachable. My house cannot have radio frequency signal, the Maxis services are very bad in here, and worst, we don’t have any Telekom account in here and it makes Internet at home is zero. The radio is worst. I don’t know any new great songs now. My phone always appears to be like ‘emergency calls only’ and makes a call and texting some messages seems impossible. This situation is getting tensioning. Maxis, do something quickly!