Chelsea is back, me too!

The Chelsea is back into the action after a long season break and now, Ring is back too to be at home for a mid-semester break for a precious week. I'm on holiday now!!! Yay! Love to see my parents, brithers and sister, grandpa and grandma. Thank God everybody is fine. My grands are feeling better now. I'm just happy to be with my family after almost a month of cruel study. And I'm happy to be with my car back! hoho

The opening Chelsea's game for this new English Premiere League season is a great game. Winning 4-0 over Portsmouth is not an easy job but Chelsea had proved that they are ready to win this season and be the best.

Thanks to Chong Wei's bad game at the Olympic and finished earlier, I don't need to fight with my father to watch the game. Well, my father is a big badminton's fan and he won't let me watch Chelsea's game. But the Chelsea's game was too great to miss. There was no time at all to be rated as boring. The ball is always moving, the players always running, and the game is always a heartbeat.

Compared to Manchester United's game, it was a huge difference. I slept many times watching that game. I don't know what happened but, it's not like watching a world class game. Jonas from Newcastle United is the brilliant player that I saw on pitch, and I just bought him on fantasy premiere league. Thank God, I had nobody from Man U in my team. Ha ha.

So, as usual, the war between my friendS always there whenever the season starts. Usually, I will be the only man who belongs to Chelsea and the rest is the Red Devil's worshipper. And this time, it will be more difficult to me as I'm the only one who supports Chelsea in my (rented)house and the rest are The Devils.


shotliver said...

YAY you are on holiday!! You seemed really happy to be back home. good on you.. ejoy your slef then :)

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

~ nampaknya kita tak sejiwa. hehehehe.... di hatiku tetap Man U. hikhikhik...

actually, i tak layan pun bola2 nih. dah tua2 nih baru tau kewujudan pasukan such as Chelsea, Arsenal and so on. kalau tak, tahu Man U jer. hehehehe... ~

RinG said...

to shotliver,

yeap, YAY i'm free! haha.. i'm really happy to be home. home, where heart rest. ty!

tp ~mizzamy~,

oh, man u fan ke? mentang2 la player man u sume ensem2, dan player chelsea bnyk yg tua dan geng2 negro, tros xknl chelsea eh.. xpe2, nnti chelsea mng season neh, kompem knl nya.. haha

Princess Liyana said...

it's good to be home right?huhu;)

enjoy your holiday ok!

anakmalaysia said...

Man U, Man U.... hahahaha

cik kiah said...

tetibe rase nak tnye
kenape ring?
name ko amir ryte? just curious hehe

Norae said...


waa.. bestnya holidayy.. alangkah bestnya kalau keje pun boleh holiday.. sebulan.. oppss. company manalee nak bayo staff cenggini yea.. :)

Go go chelsea

izzahismail said...

lame tak visit sini.
mybro mmg big fan of mu.
but bro in law big fan of chelsea.
as for me,i prefer teams with goodlooking players.

take care ring!!

RinG said...

to princess liyana,

holiday is over now, lewat reply plak..

to anakmalaysia,

man u kalah je smalam.. haha

to cik kiah,

kenapa ape? tp yes, my name is amir.. kantoi jgk nmpaknya..

to norae,

kalo keje holiday smpai sbulan mmg xpanggil keje la tuu.. haha, yeah, go chelsea!

to izzahismail,

chelsea and man u mmg rival dari dulu.. kalo pasal player paling macho, ijut taste seseorang laa.. kalo nk taste bangla, chelsea ramai la jgk.. haha

ceritakakilima said...

Kita minat tengok bola masuk gol aje.