Failed June

If you read my last post, you know what I am supposed to do between this post and that post, well everything that I’ve planned before failed miserably. Now I am out of time to do everything, the report, the home duties, the assignments. Well it may look not so many but being RinG as I am, that’s already a lot for me.

And in this my very last week of internship, my last week of semester break, I can conclude this is the busiest break I ever have. I’ve spent my weekends mostly out of Kelantan (only twice remember I’ve spent my weekends at home). Busy huh? Well, I love travelling and the outcome is I’ve skipped my internship day for 5 times and it counts as a week.

Boring story huh? Well this is what I call a desperate post! So, this is it, an update. Enjoy my pren! Got to continue writing report.

Surviving June

June is here already. 1 month had been spent for internship and there is another month left. As far as I’m concerned, I need to prepare my internship program report and finish my daily log book. So, since a month never be a long period, I promise in this blog that I’ll start making report by tomorrow next week. Hehe.

Plus, my final year project supervisor had given me a task for my project and I was expected to be fully prepared by early next semester so that we can start early. Too bad I didn’t understand anything he had given me to read. So, by next week also, I promise in my very own blog to start study harder items my supervisor had given.

This is the hardest semester break ever. So I hope I’ll have a success, amin.