Hey sexy lady...

Yo, there's a Muslim society in Malaysia addressing our juniors school uniform as sexy. As a student years ago, I'm quite agree with their statement. White baju kurung is extremely quite sexy.

There's a story I heard about this sexy uniform when I was in school. This is about a boy, stalking a girl, then the boy later found out that the girl always wearing the same, umm, what we called that eh? It is like a singlet, but design specifically for girls. Okey, then this boy found out that this girl is always wearing the same 'singlet' everyday! Then, acting like a man, this boy, collect some money from his dudes. He went to a shop, put a China wall bricks on his face, buy a this nice 'singlet', wrapped it, and donate it to the girl he always eyed. So, the girl here was sexually harassed while the boy got his chance to become a gentleman. The point here is, white baju kurung is too transparent while the boys got attracted and become wild, uncontrollable.

So, a call to review our school uniform policy is understandable. It is to protect our girl from being harassed, worst they might be molested. Then, for those who get easily bitchy about this issue should think again. They(the Muslim society) are really working to protect women, not to lock their freedom.

Save our woman!

I misjudged

Okey, I can take it. Yes, Manchester United win the Champions League. YEs, Chelsea lose it, thanks to dedicated captain John Terry. Tomorrow will be Friday and I'll cut my nails short. Somehow, Chelsea had played a good game. I'm proud I'm belong to them. Haha. But, Drogba is the mad dog who make everything turn bad. He was sent off the field! *##!!! To Man U fan, stop sms-ing me, stop YM-ing me, stop mentioning me about this. I know you are happy, but I'm not.

By the way, Chelsea is coming to Malaysia and I hope they lose again. I'm so sick hoping Chelsea can win all the titles they promised. Malaysia, beat them! Malaysia Boleh!

Anyway, Cook win the American Idol. HAHAHAHAHA

Chelsea Will Win!

Yeap, the title says it all. No doubt for Chelsea to win the Champions League.

kalau Chelsea kalah aku berani potong kuku a!

Tun is back into UMNO

Nope, it is just a lie. I lied. Yeap, I'm a liar. Tun Dr. Mahathir actually did out of UMNO and there is no turning back. I'm sorry I lied. (weeeww, confession is a damn good thing!) haha

And the news is spreading fast. Yeap, I'm a liar. The whole world know that. So don't trust me. Haha. By the way, everybody starts blogging about this, so let's make some difference. Ngueh ngueh ngueh.

And I don't know if Tun's step can serve him best or not. Is this step will bring him up? Or down? But for sure, he's quitting for real now. Yes, it's time for him to take a real break. Well, at least after he's done with Lingam's investigation.

Keep it cool, have a rest.

It is A or C

A stands for ARCHULETA, while C for COOK.

It's American Idol dude. Now it is David vs David. One is David Archuleta while the other one is David Cook. I'm on Cook side. Cook will win the American. Cook has a little bit of rock star image like Bon from U2, Jon Bonjovi, and Billie Joe Amstrong of Green Day. And rock star is always easily accepted into people's heart. Know why, because they're ROCKS! The unshaved face give a matured image compared to Archuleta.

Archuleta, hmm, I don't know him that much. With his GOSH! trademark. I can't bear him saying 'GOSH!'. Da heck? GOSH, his unreal! GOSH! Hate this, GOSH!

Whatever it is, the feelings of Cook will win the American Idol contest is very positive. If I'm happen to living in America, he'll sure get my vote. But thanked God Malaysia is my hometown. Never regret about that.

AF? Ape barang?! Haha -> kidding duh

Happy Teacher's Day

Uh oh, it's 16th May already! It is Teacher's Day!

Happy Teacher's Day for all teachers around the globe, Malaysia to be exact. Thanks for all the effort to make us, me especially a human. You save me from being a beast.

To dearly:

Teachers from SRK (currently SK), SMK, MRSM, I thanked all of you a lot! I'm famous from those schools because of you! Muahaha.

Lecturers from Penang Matriculation College, thank you for 3.88CGPA!!!

Lecturers of Electrical Engineering of UiTM Shah Alam, I'm waiting for the result right now. Hope this celebration will make you easy on marking our papers.

To my grandfather, and grandmother, you're teachers of the past, who taught in hardness. Naik perahu pagi2 to teach at the other side of river. And leave my mother to take care of her own. How hard those days you strove, that is what making Malaysia to the greatest.

Happy Teacher's Day

What an end to the world

You hear about what had happened to China? Heard about Myanmar being hit by cyclone? Have you ever feeling so hungry because there is no food because rice is very limited and the prices is not cheaper any more. Not yet? Well consider this. With China being shaken by earthquake, the world will be much less with rice. I don't know what percentage do China shares about rice production in this world but after this tragedy, this planet don't have enough to feed the victims. And I'm afraid will be there any food to sit on our table?

Afraid huh?

What can we do?


We can't do anything! Pray? Sure, we always should pray. But praying alone is not enough. We should work out something. But what we can do?


Government all around the globe saying we should change our lifestyle. What da heck?! If they want us to eat plastics and metals that stuck on your teeth, no way, that's my braces. Politicians, wake up! You're not living in era where public were afraid of politicians. Not anymore. We need you to changed whatever policy that we don't know to turn Earth into a place of eating.

But since that's not gonna be happen in this century. Maybe we should move to Mars. No, we can't go to Mars, because men were from Mars. So where should we go. Pluto? Maybe.

Whatever planet that we're aiming to, we need to remember one thing. The era of cheap food is gone. For the better or worse, that's what the newspaper told me. So, start saving. Eat what you can afford. Save your money, you'll need it to pay for Pluto's trip. Save also your food supply. Send your children to hostel so that you can save your food supply. Ask your parents to stay with you because this may help to save your money a little bit. They'll pay for the food. Haha.

Dear friends, please hear me

"people come into your life for a reason"

Lets talk about friends. They are strangers but still you can share your clothes with them. I don't know who is so creative to make the proverb above but when a stranger become your friend, he or she didn't come to take your clothes but to give a real friendship.

How did this strangers can be your friends? How did it start? At first impression you think that these strangers is not your type but at the end, you started making friends with them. How did this happened? I mean, how can you afford to talk to a stranger? Don't your mother always told you not to be kind to strangers? But making friends need you to be kind to strangers. But then, how can you told that these strangers are the correct one? How could you take those risky relationship.

But thank God, I hope you and me will never choose the wrong stranger. Haha, sounds crazy! It is our sixth sense who told us that this person is a good to make friend. And please get rid of those who can brings damage to you.

Okey, now you know how we make friends. Yeah everybody knows it. But please, please tell me how to find a perfect and right girl for me? I am 20 years old and still can't find the one. Seeing my friends happy with their own partner, I am still a lonely jerk. I am in such a desperation situation and I don't know how to handle this. God, please lead me.

I don't have Friendster

Friends always proud of having Friendster. Some of them have more than a thousand friends. But I have nothing to do with Friendster, so they laughed on my ass.

I don't have a Friendster account, so what? Know why I don't have Friendster? It is because I don't want get caught being a stalker. Hahaha. Thanks to Myspace, I can snoop around my friend's account without being caught!!! I can visit their site and nobody will know about it. muahaha.. I'm such a big stalker!

Man U wins so what?

Man U wins 2-0 against Wigan. Chelsea draw with Bolton. Man U were too good for Chelsea to win the tittle. What the heck am I thinking that Chelsea can win when they just can't afford to beat Bolton.

But it's ok. Champions League is there to grab. We'll win the Champions League.

The ring starts rolling

Hi everybody!

This is the start of my new blog. This blog was created on the eve of 2008 Mother's Day. So I hope this blog will full of love and bless.

-Love your own Mother-

Happy Mother's Day