It is been 3 weeks already since the new semester began and I still don't have that loads of assignments and anything to keep me busy. I already finished reading two story books and finished watching a Korean drama and life is still dull and boring. Nothing hectic happens to me so far and it is way way too boring here. And if this continues, my 2010 resolution of gaining better results compared to 2009 will goes down into the drain because I will lost the momentum (well, currently in highly spirits and very motivational to study and what a waste if there is nothing to do). But for sure, in my 6th semester, I decided to majoring in Instrumentation Industry for my studies.

Well, from the beginning of my life in UiTM, I actually decided to roll in Electronic field just because I wrote in my school's biography that I wanted to be an Electronic Engineering, but things doesn't and never going as what we had planned, right? It is not because I am not good in Electronic that I decided not to roll in, well I am good at it actually but I decided not to bound my life to what I had wrote in 2005's school book. Besides, I lost interest in Electronics due to a reason that will not be revealed here. So, I took the Instrumentation Industry. I don't know what it is and 3 weeks already I still don't get the pictures of what am I learning so far. What to expect in this field? Well, I don't know that too.

And last 20th January is my 22nd birthday, thanks to everybody for the wishes and prays and gifts and treats too. And not to forget to my house mates who celebrate it the traditional way of throwing the flour after the football game, it really stickied to my body and hairs. Thanks all. And surprisingly, most of the wishes that I got said "hope all of your dreams and wishes come true". Well, what is that? I don't remember if the wishes years before were something like this too, but if it always being like this, well it is like telling you that your dreams and wishes will only be dreams and wishes, they never get into reality. Well it is so true actually, I never have my dreams come true. Not because I dream big, but because I don't have the 'kick' to make it into reality. Anyhow, all of the wishes are still the best present and whatever wishes they are, they made my day. But I hate disagreed when people telling me this, "22 years old and never tastes love, Happy Birthday" (well sort of like that lah), well it makes me feels like I am having a problem with my social life and of course I am not. I am just happy the way I am now and not having a girlfriend is never an issue to me because I am not anyone else who thinks life is lonely without a partner and I think otherwise. And again, thanks for all of the wishes, everybody is great!

Hope For A Better Year

Like it or not, 2009 leaves us all in many ways we all never wanted it to be. I love seeing 2009 passed and hope 2010 can offer me better. Well, for me, everything in 2009 is not going very well. For both semester in 2009. I got my PNG going down, well it is always going up during 2007-2008. I know it is lame blaming the years for my downturn, but I hope it motivates me to do better than yester-year.

But, 2009 brought me seeing many great and famous people around Malaysia (yeah, Malaysia only, don't have chances to going out). Making friends also great during 2009, I make a lot of good buddies during the time. [Sorry la Safwan pasal member2 ko, aku harap 2010 ko jumpe member2 yg best dan cool nnti. Haha] Most of new friends I made are within the Neo's club. Well, why not, I've been into 3 clubs already and the second one is the best ever experienced. And I hope 2010 will brings me into knowing more fellows at the faculty. Well I am most sucks knowing people at classes, I don't know why.And I hope blogging will be much better in 2010. Compare my post in 2008 and 2009, how it decreased so much~

So, as for the preparation to enjoy for the whole 2010, I had bought myself a camera. Well, it is a Lomo type and I get a Holga 135BC only. Hmm, it is always my dream to own a camera but the technology sucks my dreams away. Since the creation of DSLR type, camera is never any cheaper. all priced at the blood sucking range (I quoted a good and a high end quality camera, so it is expensive, who cares to buy the not so quality one?). So, after getting a lomo, I assume my childrenhood's dream came into reality now. So, why not click HERE. I created a flickr for my pictures and to share with my friends and currently only one roll of film had been developed, others will coming soon. If you want to buy one, it is cheap, really cheap. Ask me if you don't know where to get it because I've already joined a lomo's society. Hehe.

Well, Happy New Year everybody! Have fun!

ps/ so much hope had been poured for 2010 and it is only 1st of January, I'm freaking out now if I can do it or not.