Fifa 2011 is all that I need

Oh my God, is it the internet is now a really really boring junk today? I’ve been on every websites I’ve bookmarked and there’s nothing to entertain me. Blog hopping is also not really helping because nobody is updating theirs.

I know, my own blog is a boring blog too, even I myself did not know what to do every time I am here. This place should be bomb someday, I think.

All that I want now is the FIFA 2011 and a new gamepad replacement. I really really need them now but financial constraint and the final examination is around the corner already, I just need to postponed it. Duuugh, but it doesn’t helping at all. Everday I went to LYN just to read everybody is excited playing FIFA 2011 and everday I dreamt about Saitek gamepad. Oh God, help me!

Okay, that’s it for the first update in October