Ask Me, Tell Me

Infected by Safwan, I make a formspring account too. So feel free to drop by and ask me anything or comment me anything, or insult me anything, everything is acceptable.


Life, I don’t understand life. I don’t know if you or anybody else understands it. I believe if a person understands his or her life, he or she shall succeed and life goes beyond far from their expectation. Some people look their life from science perspective (Albert Einstein), some might look into the tiny world of digital and microprocessor (Bill Gates), there are also certain people who understand life via many discipline of life such as mathematics, geography, and astronomy (Al Khawarizmi), and let say there is only one person whose understanding is far beyond ours, this person understand His Creator, His people, His life, and though he is illiterates, his preach is still moving now though it is started hundred years back. Well, let us take a moment to selawat to him, who is our own beloved Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.

These are the people who understand their life most. They knew how to make the chances, spot the chances, grab the chances and they utilise it wisely and they have become the greatest human in their life and through our life they are still remembered. But how do I understand my life, I still don’t know what am I in this life. All I know in my life is to always be happy and try not to be sad. Happiness is my everything and I know life isn’t supposed to be happy at all times.

I am happy to know that now I have someone special to love but sadly I don’t know is it real love or it is just a matter of pity? It is also unhappy to wonder whether my love is enough or not for her, or does she love me too or, I’m thinking if we are faking our feelings because both of us were in the state of ‘stirred mind’ before we met. And I still have this thought in my mind whether is this just a normal crush or not but I swear this ‘crush’ is a little bit different from others. Is it because this girl is braver than others that makes me ‘cair’ to her. Whatever it is, if this is just a normal crush, I can be me again without any problem but to say this relationship is nothing and has no effect on me it is the blackest kind of blasphemy.

Last week, I was quite happy to join my two friends’ family gathering. Well I was there accidentally and you know how weird to be part of somebody else’s family dinner because you don’t know anybody else there except your friend. Seeing how love between family still exist in this world despite of current issue of throwing out babies, killing children, killing parents, killing siblings, I am so grateful to be part of my friend’s family dinner though I don’t contribute anything to cheer up the dinner but I am happy because at least I was in the family reunion mood. Too bad, too sad, it is a very long time ago since I was with my family and I miss being home.

Too good, I am so happy I have great friends to accolifmpany me here in Shah Alam. I have a lot to thanks them especially those who are at the rented house, at UiTM, at class, the Safwan-Adil-Min-Jarir of MRSM Langkawi, at Neo Performance Club (promote skeet.. hihi), at Petaling Jaya, and not to forget at the Segi college too (though we hardly know each other, everybody are simply good friends). And because I was always with my friends, I always happy with them.

I am prone to be happy all the times but there were times when God tests, happiness is taken and sadness glooming. Life becomes bitter everyday and all He wants is us to remember Him and pray to Him for guidance. After that happiness will come again. That is why bitter is sweet. Setiap kejadian ada hikmahnya.

PS/ I wish my friends Good Luck in examinations!