For My Love

Cheewah, I wrote that title.

It's been a while since my last post. The last post tells about flood, but now, I having a great day without rain, only cloudy. Well, it is a good weather for my love and me. Eh, my love?

Hehe, lately, I've been busying myself working days and nights, rain or shine just to serve for my love. Every day, my mind is only running for the love one. Who is my love? What do I do for her? Well, I guess this is the right time for a brief introduction.

Bloggers, this is my love, Neo. Neo, these are bloggers. Haha. Lately, I've been working, experimenting, thinking, surveying just to make sure my love Neo get the best.

First of all, as you can see the face of the Neo, under the front bumper I had put an original R3 splitter. Though it looks little, the price is huuuuge! Well, thinking to put it just because of a very dull looks which every Neo have in town. At least the splitter help to improve the image a bit. Well, I can, SEXY.. hehe

Remember about several last posts when I said I want to get a new set of rims for my car? Well, I got one. Just did it yesterday. I'm waiting untill at this time because I was waiting for my examination result. My plan is if don't get good grades, so there will be no new rims until next semester. But too good, I got a good result. The highest I ever achieved in my life. (but not that high la.) So, after my parents nodding for approval, rim hunting began and there it is. I called it as a shoe for my love. Miahaha. Here are the pictures of the car at various angles:

This is the stock rim, can say good bye already.

Some says it is a frog car due to its size.

Right rear view

Left rear view

Just trying to be a good photographer.

Well, about the rims, I choose that style because I want some differences with others. I'm not the one who copied others just because it looks good on other cars. Besides, my motto is 'Dont spend too much but gain a high satisfaction'. The rims is a so-so price only. For me, the rims suit my taste.

Well that's it. Lot of money had been sacrificed. For certain people, they will say what to what rights do a two doors car worth spending that much, and there are also who will be a no at all. For me, it's worth every money that I struggled to collect and work.

Modification in waiting:

  1. Drop in filter
  2. Exhaust system
  3. Stickers (no idea, help me please)

These modifications need to wait another semester is finished. Need to save some allowance first.

ps/ Don't be sorry if you understand why people eagerly modify their car because before I own this car, I too don't understand and think it is a crappiest way to waste your money, but now, I'm in the league. Can't help with my new passion.

Lambat kawin laa nampak gaya

We are sick over frequent floods

This is from the previous post..

In a year, there are 12 months with an average of 30 days in every month. In a year, we have 365 days to live and work. In a year, there is a month where the east peninsular of Malaysia will have monsoon season. The rains are heavy and continuous in this season. Usually, the monsoon starts at the end of November till the end of December. At other times usually it will be a hot and warm weather with raining at certain time.

During Every monsoon, the road that leads to my house will be full of water. This happened every year. Every year, there is a month when the contractors and engineers came to our place to just blindly see the problem at our place. By the way, it only happens only when the people complaints the matters to our wakil rakyat.

What I really don’t understand is why can’t they solve the problem before the flood happens? If their reason is because they can’t get the real picture of the problem and must see the flood with their own eyes, why do they need to see it every year? you have plenty of days during ‘dry season’ to do your job, but you choose to do it at the hard time. Come on, you’re contractors and engineers sure have good brains, that’s why the government pay you. The problem only happens at the old and small residential areas yet they can’t fix it. I wonder how they do their job at the town.

But the real disappointment is with the wakil rakyat. This wakil rakyat is a woman. But her man always speaks for her. How can her husband always speak for her job? She needs to be more accessible and professional. I say this not because she is a woman, but because she is a politician. A politician should speak his/her own mind, not their partner. When my father wants to speak the matters with her, only her husband is available (maybe the husband should contest at the next general election.. haha). And to a great disappointment when he said the contractors and engineers are out of idea to pull out the water. My father says he don’t care, it is not his job to think for the developers. The problem should be settle years ago. And then, how can the husband of that wakil rakyat said, “Maybe you should see the contractors by yourself”. This is something the wakil rakyat should not say. How could he ask us to go see the contractors by ourselves when we elect her to do the job. Got my point here? The elected person asked us to do her job. This is ridiculous. I hate don’t know what to say about my representative.

Show us some professional if you dare to speak about ruling this country. We need proof you are capable of doing jobs. We choose you to solve our problem. Walk your talk.

The God is watching, be reliable of what He had give to you.

These are the things I want to tell

Yeap, the title says it all. I want to write these up before this but there is no time for me. So, the stories began.

At last, the rains stop. It had been days the rain didn’t stop. Well, since I’m back in Kota Bharu, this is my first day bathing the sun heat. Oh, how I missed the heat in the morning. Well, my house did not affected by the flood, but the road that accessing our house and the world turned into a great swimming pool. Even though the wakil rakyat is living near our house and her house is just before the flooded road, she seems like ‘just ignoring’ the people-who-voted-for-her-‘s problem. This part continues...

Since my makcik went for her hajj trip recently, my parents sent me to my grandparents’ house that my makcik lived with. So, I don’t need to use that flooded water, my car is safe! Hehe.. Luckily, their house has the Internet access, I wont die due to a heavy boring syndrom. Haha. Too bad they don't have Astro, so no football. But being spoilt at grand's is enough to make me a happy person.This part too continues..

Chelsea loses again. Too bad they are chasing behind Liverpool this time. Luckily Liverpool just draws in their game. Somehow United manage to climb up into the top four. How surprised I am. Hehe. But no worries, Chelsea will fight back and leads again. We will. This part ends here.