What makes you go top?

If someday you have a very successful life, what do you think makes you success? Is it because of your hard work? Or is it because of your parents always praying for your success? Whatever it is, success only came from The One. You'll never success without His supports. But everyone knows that. Do you think you need more to success? Okey, what is it? What?! A million?! A million to success, not a million of success? Okey, a million what? A million ringgit?

Well, for certain, they think RM1 000 000 can boost their ability to success. Self motivation is not enough to guarantee you to success. Patriotism don't have any value to help you winning any event. Well, that's what our government will pay for a plastic gold medal in this coming Olympic event. Each plastic gold medal will cost my our government RM1 million. Sounds crazy eh?

Do you think our player can really perform with the offer? Do you?

Again, the government disappoint me. They say they don't have money, then why bother to pay our athlete that huge. The cost for the game alone is never cheap. From accommodation, food, and the bla-bla-bla, there's nothing free when you're going to Beijing. Hellooo, it is never measured in Ringgit to pay whatever that is not free. Even what you will see on the television also paid okey.

So, the government should play very nice to us this time. If they insist giving them the money, it's okay, fine, but I want you to tax the athletes who won it by 60% of the value given. Else, they should promise something like, for each gold medal we win, we will have a 10 cent oil price cut off. Well, that's more reasonable. Our athletes’ burden will be shifted from the bloody RM1million to the rakyat's hope. Imagine we won 10 gold medals, we will have RM1 oil price being cut off. Athletes will be everybody's heroes for a lifetime.

I never wants to object our government's effort to make Malaysia a glory nation, but make sure it is never too much. For me, RM1 million is too much.

Where did PAS goes wrong?

What do you think when there is a law, asking you to dress properly? Well, the law is in Kota Bharu, Kelantan. PAS is going very serious in teaching Muslims from wrong to right. Recently, PAS introduced a law asking any working women Muslim in the state to dress accordingly. They need to dress in Islamic ways. This law does not apply to the town visitors as they still want to impose the law to the woman workers only.

If this law is for good, but why do we need people talking about this? Seems like it is a bad way for PAS to teach and preach an Islamic lifestyle. Is this really wrong? From my point of view, PAS had done wrong since they started to introduce this law.

Don't get me wrong, keep reading!

For me, when PAS wants to implement a more Islamic way of life, they should say it out loud. Why do they need to make excuses like, lipstick and high heels is very attractive and promote rapes? Because, the more you are making excuses, the more who don't understand about this will make a nice political hoax.

So, whenever you want to implement Islamic lifestyle, just say that you want an Islamic lifestyle, and I am happy to accept it. Yes, just make it straight to the point! No need to worry because the Kelantanese vote for you to make something like this becomes real.

RinG in promoting direct speaking!


Imagine life without technology. Yep, same like on your tv show, Afterworld. Imagine, you don't have a mobile phone, living in a place without any radio coverage. A place where you have no access to the world. Will you stay there? Can you survive?

After reading cik kiah's blog, I realized I can't live without technology. But I'm not that sick to get help to overcome this. I think, life without technology is bad for your life. Honestly, I can't live without it.

When I'm in a place where any communication network coverage is unavailable, I feel alone, afraid, and cautious. When I was in a trip with my friends to a waterfall, which is far into the jungle (jungle trekking duh), the urged of connected with the world is very high. It felt like I will miss all the opportunity in this world. I want to back home early, or at least to a place where I can access my phone.

I don't know why, even after getting off the jungle and all that I got is only a message from Maxis asking begging me to buy their caller ringtones, it is enough to make me relieved. Well, that explained why I kept bringing my phone during boarding school time. I just need to get connected.

RinG just don't get along with nature.

ps/ that's why you'll see him playing with his phone, always.

That darn week you'll remember

New university intake students will start their life as early as 28th June. And the most exciting part sure is the orientation day. It is the time for the new students to get a taste of life campus. Whatever you called it, Minggu Suai Kenal, Minggu Mahasiswa, Minggu Orientasi, Minggu Bosan Gaban, I swear I never enjoy my orientation days.

Starting from secondary school until university, the orientation day is not a day to call for me. I don't remember about orientation day during primary school but I do remember I get lost at my first day. Haha.

For some, when you got free food, no class to attend, make new friends, there's nothing to complain about it. But for me, it is boring because of the talks I need to attend, the barbaric seniors, and when I got a panda eyes on me, I hate it very much that I'm sure.

Lacking of sleep is one, then come seniors shouting nonetheless makes me sick of barbarian, and to mate it worst, waiting for think-they-are-VIPs somebody who supposed to give their talks coming late is never an OK to me. So, where's the fun? Believe me, it is sucks!

But the most thing that I really hate about is seniors. Why should they yell? Why did they need to angry whenever we didn't greet them? Should we greet everyone of them? Did they deserve respect while they show me disgrace? Is that a really good attitude for us to respect? You can't have respect by force, you earn it!

RinG in against barbaric seniors to greet a new students

The Declassified of 1969

Recently, I bought this book:

The author of the book is (Dr.) Kua Kia Soong, somebody from SUARAM. The book is great for me as I never have a real picture about what had happen during 1969 riots. All Malaysian knows of what had happened during 1969. It is the time when Malaysia took a wrong step which makes Malaysia today. Even you like it or not, the blood spilled already.

About the book, it really helps me to understand of what really happened during the time. Of how important for us, Malaysians to understand the situation and to make sure that it would not repeated again. The big surprised at the very early of pages is, the riots is not a spontaneous one, but it was planned by certain freaks as a weapon against Tunku Abdul Rahman, the first Malaysia Prime Minister. Surprised? That's what keeps me turning those pages. To know more about this, buy it as I don't want to be the only one who knows about this.But the book is looking more on economical perspective so I'm a little bit confused. Confused about all the economy's abbreviation used and the great news is, as it is more on economic perspective, no racial hatred spread.

Then the real image of what had happened during the riots is explained carefully on each page. Why the most killed and wounded bodies found is Chinese also in here. But what makes me didn't like a little bit about this book is, how the author like to put all blames on Malays (read; Tunku). Read by yourself if you want to know more, I just can't find the correct words to explain these (I'm not stupid).

Well, if anybody out there happen to buy this book, sure it would be a great readings. You'll shock to death to know how the riots happen. All of us should know about this. The government should not hiding this anymore. Malaysians are matured. Stopping all of us knowing the truth will make the history walks again by itself. The recent general election situation looks alike of that 1969 election and I hope want nothing bad will happen.

RinG is in encouraging YOU to know OUR history


I don't have any idea what to post nowadays as my interest is shifted to my new car! My mind is totally blank. All it has is only about car. Cars on my left side of brain, and on the right side too. Yippee, I have a car now! It's a Proton Satria Neo wholly subsidized by my parents. The car is not intentionally for me but also for my other siblings use but as I'm the only one who have the license (my sister also has the license but she's away for study), so, unofficially it's for me!

Too bad, the car will be kept at home and I'll never have a chance to bring it to campus. Not permitted by my parents. However, having a new interest is great.

First thing that I feel the most important thing to make my car look good and long lasting is to get it tinted. You know, to make sure the interior side will not damaged by sunshine and to make sure it looks so sporty so that everybody will look at it. So last night, I started my 'research'. Ramming pages by pages, tabs by tabs, trying hardly deadly to learn at least 'something' so that I wouldn't cheated at shops.

Then at the next day (today), I went to the friend's recommended shop, to get my car tinted. Along with my friends, I am very superb confident that I knew everything about the tinting stuff. Sadly, when I reached the shop, I get dizzy with the choices. So, after a few times thinking, calling, asking about the price, and negotiating, I agree with an offer. It looks great to my car and also financially good.

Since waiting for the car to get ready is not a very efficient time consuming, I rumbled the nearest mall. Yeah!

After everything was finished (it tooks a very six hours), and when I reached home, surprisingly I found out the windows look very dark! I think I am over tinted my car. There are so little lights can penetrate into the car. Though it looks so good on my eyes, I'm very worry if it doesn't good on JPJ's eye. It costs me my mum RM750 to get it done and if JPJ touch it, I'm doomed!

A Hope on Father's Day

Who wouldn't love their own father right? In this coming Father's Day, plans were made to celebrate this day, to show our appreciation to our father. Their sacrifices for the family is something you should not question about. He went to work early in the morning, and return almost at night, just to make sure you got everything to live in this world.

"Don't give him fish, give him the fishing rod"

When I was a kid, I once asked my father, if he claimed to work very hard so that I can live comfortably, then when I got it, why he should question about it? I mean, why should he speak about, "your life is too good" or "you're over pampered" or something like "when I was at your age, I had did this, done that" as he always wants me to live better than him. Well, I don't remember how he answered it but I remember, he can't answer it. But it's ok, I always knew he wants the best for me. Instead of giving me fishes, he gives me the best fishing rod ever for me.

But what happen to a father who works hardest, for their family, race, religion, and country, going very early in the morning and never returns at night? Yes, that's what happened to our ISA (Internal Security Act) detainees. They were detained because of something like 'to protect racial harmony and country security'. Says who? The government la. One morning they wake up besides their beloved wife kissing their child before going to work, the next day they wake up besides another detainees, nobody to kiss and jobless. Read here. So, what happened to their child? Did they get a good fish? Are they using a quality fishing rod?

It is time for government at least to repeal or at least revise the ISA as it is truly against the human rights. ISA allows person(s) to serve their time in prison without trial. ISA ruined our country. ISA ruined a family. ISA ruined a person. So on this coming Father's Day, besides cheering our own father, let us remember for those unlucky to celebrate with their father.

Feel free to help, click here!

Mysterious 15 minutes

Italy didn't make it last night. They lost their first game 3-0 to Netherlands. 2 goals produced at the first half while the other one is on the second half. What's wrong with Italy? Everybody is hoping Italy will make some differences after the first half recess time (Yes I heard the commentator). We're I was hoping they will figure out something to stop Netherlands from scoring more goals. But I was upsets by them, Netherlands manage to score again. The Dutch scored again in second half time.

Actually, I can't stop wondering about this, what did they do during recess time? Did they spent the valuable 15 minutes of recess correctly? Or they are just relaxing and stay calm? Nope I don't think so, they're not Malaysian footballers. Or maybe they're watching highlights from the first half. Yeap, this is possible. They're watching who had the most beautiful skill on the pitch, or who's the best actor to play sick on the ground, that is why they didn't improve for the second half play.

If watching highlights didn't improved their game, what else did they do? Quickie? Oh no, not the right time. Eating? No way, they are professional, they would have know the impact to their body if they're running with full body.

So, what did they do? Toilet? Yes they are! The most important place to visit, I know, everybody knows. But going to toilet didn't help much to improve the game. And I hope nobody is sleeping in that time. If any of them did sleeping during that time, I won't regret they lose. They deserved it.

So, what the footballers did during the recess will remain mystery. Those idea above is just my crappy imagination. Nobody knows what they did during that time. Only the players know what they do. I hope they enjoy the recess given and hopefully their focus is still on the game. And I hope Italy will win the next game. There is no reason for them not to success doing it, they are World Champion anyway!

My Favourite Wife is not that good

Tony Parsons had always been my favourite novelist. From the series of 'Man and Boy' and 'Man and Wife', 'The Family Way', and 'Stories We Could Tell', these books are really a magic from Parsons. Because of his writing is more on man's perspective of life, it suites me really good. Sometimes, reading his book makes you feeling really bad to remain single. His stories pictures how beautiful the marriage is. He is great telling how sweet for you to have someone to love and how wonderful it is to be loved.

And when a newspaper make a review about his new book, named 'My Favourite Wife', and for sure I read it, it is really some pain in the ass when they told you the new book is still a great one from Tony Parsons but when I read it, it is not something that should coming from Parsons. It would not something that Tony Parson should make.


Yes, that's my word for his new book. The story is slow. That's it. The only reason I don't like this book is because it is so slow. Nothing actually happen even after you had read at least two chapters of the story. It took me almost a month and half to hardly finish reading that book. It is not worth of rushing to Borders to use a free discount coupon taken from the newspaper.

So, whoever wish to buy this book I suggest not to do so. It's not even worth of a ringgit. But, we do differ on our own taste and I won't say anything to whoever still wants to buy it. It is your 'My Favourite Wife'.

By the way, kudos for the nice cover. I can't help myself from scratching the heart shape. Haha

Here In My Home- Malaysian Artistes for Unity

The video says it all. Just click the play button, listen and be proud to be a Malaysian.

Watching the video makes me proud being a Malaysian. Though there are tremendous serious issues raised lately such as oil price issue, poor leadership issues, political issues and the bla-bla-bla issues which make our country looks like the only-God-knows-how place it is. But these artistes make everything is fine in Malaysia and sure I love it. It makes me look back that Malaysia is a everybody-know-how place it is.

Look at the video, it showed us of what we are lacking to be a proud Malaysian. Look, Jason Lo is wearing our own Malaysian footballer jersey! Will you sacrifice a little bit of your money to buy that jersey? If you are willing to, I'm happy, but for me, I'm not ready yet to wear that shirt. Nice try Jason Lo!

PS:/ if you want have this mp3 for free, please visit their site here and it is legal.

Sports fever

Tun Dr. Mahathir said in his blog, that it seems the vehicles were lesser on the road today as the government decide to reduce the oil subsidy yesterday. He's true, the road seems too empty today. Tun said it was maybe due to people starts saving, but I have another perspective to look into.

I think maybe it is because Malaysian starts flocking to Europe. Yeap, the Euro 2008 is starting in less than 2 days now. It is the most expensive event on the Earth now! Forget about oil price, forget about Obama, let our heart stay in Europe if you can't be in there physically. And Italy will always have my support. Bona Fortuna!

By the way, what happen to SUKMA? It seems like nobody is watching it. The media didn't put enough effort to promote SUKMA. Yes I know, it is unprofitable but at least, why can't they put some patriotism in front of business? For the sake of our dying sport, why can't they help to revive it? RTM is the only channel which is available for SUKMA, that's so sad. Well RTM belongs to government so it make sense they air it. But where are the private stations? Don't they feel like serving for their country first? Come on, Euro2008 didn't start yet.

Besides, I think SUKMA is too predictable. The host will always the game. Somehow, it happens in every organized Sukan Malaysia. This is just my opinion. No offence to any hosts. Or is it just me being so curious about SUKMA. When million of Malaysian watching the game, I don't even tried to click on channel 1 RTM. No I don't think so, ask anybody about SUKMA, I bet too little will know about that.

But, at least, if media work very hard to promote SUKMA, I bet many would speak of it instead of speaking of Cannavaro's injury.

I blame the media.

Save Our Woman

Woman, as many know is considered 'weak' compared to man. Don't get me wrong, I mean, they are physically considered weak, compared to men. So, woman must be protected. That's why we have special ministry to help woman, a needy one to survive. Woman has so many specialities in life. Even Islam put woman right's at a very high priority. And God had bestowed woman with a Suraa, An-Nisa'. How virgin the woman is!

In Malaysia, woman had nothing less than man. Here, we have plenty of societies to help woman. You won't find any society who wants to help single father but there are plenty of societies and clubs who are willingly to help single mother. How special woman is.

Months ago, quoting a minister by saying that every woman who wants to travel out of this country, alone, must get permission from their family first. Look how serious we want to help our woman. But this idea was backlashes by our own Minister of Woman and (........) if I'm not mistaken . Seriously, man tried to protect woman.

To make us a proud man, recently, a group of Malaysian students had beat African students because of 'protecting' woman and the case still unclassified whether they are protecting the girls or just being jealous to African. Yeap, who says African don't have qualities. Haha. See, Malaysian men love our women. We won't let you go into any danger. However, there are plenty of men still abusing woman. Their mentality is at dinosorous' IQ level. They don't deserve a 9 months free stay in their mother's body.

RinG in against woman abuse and supporting Italy for Euro 2008!