A Hope on Father's Day

Who wouldn't love their own father right? In this coming Father's Day, plans were made to celebrate this day, to show our appreciation to our father. Their sacrifices for the family is something you should not question about. He went to work early in the morning, and return almost at night, just to make sure you got everything to live in this world.

"Don't give him fish, give him the fishing rod"

When I was a kid, I once asked my father, if he claimed to work very hard so that I can live comfortably, then when I got it, why he should question about it? I mean, why should he speak about, "your life is too good" or "you're over pampered" or something like "when I was at your age, I had did this, done that" as he always wants me to live better than him. Well, I don't remember how he answered it but I remember, he can't answer it. But it's ok, I always knew he wants the best for me. Instead of giving me fishes, he gives me the best fishing rod ever for me.

But what happen to a father who works hardest, for their family, race, religion, and country, going very early in the morning and never returns at night? Yes, that's what happened to our ISA (Internal Security Act) detainees. They were detained because of something like 'to protect racial harmony and country security'. Says who? The government la. One morning they wake up besides their beloved wife kissing their child before going to work, the next day they wake up besides another detainees, nobody to kiss and jobless. Read here. So, what happened to their child? Did they get a good fish? Are they using a quality fishing rod?

It is time for government at least to repeal or at least revise the ISA as it is truly against the human rights. ISA allows person(s) to serve their time in prison without trial. ISA ruined our country. ISA ruined a family. ISA ruined a person. So on this coming Father's Day, besides cheering our own father, let us remember for those unlucky to celebrate with their father.

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Happy father's Day:)
salam singgah and salam kenal!

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