That darn week you'll remember

New university intake students will start their life as early as 28th June. And the most exciting part sure is the orientation day. It is the time for the new students to get a taste of life campus. Whatever you called it, Minggu Suai Kenal, Minggu Mahasiswa, Minggu Orientasi, Minggu Bosan Gaban, I swear I never enjoy my orientation days.

Starting from secondary school until university, the orientation day is not a day to call for me. I don't remember about orientation day during primary school but I do remember I get lost at my first day. Haha.

For some, when you got free food, no class to attend, make new friends, there's nothing to complain about it. But for me, it is boring because of the talks I need to attend, the barbaric seniors, and when I got a panda eyes on me, I hate it very much that I'm sure.

Lacking of sleep is one, then come seniors shouting nonetheless makes me sick of barbarian, and to mate it worst, waiting for think-they-are-VIPs somebody who supposed to give their talks coming late is never an OK to me. So, where's the fun? Believe me, it is sucks!

But the most thing that I really hate about is seniors. Why should they yell? Why did they need to angry whenever we didn't greet them? Should we greet everyone of them? Did they deserve respect while they show me disgrace? Is that a really good attitude for us to respect? You can't have respect by force, you earn it!

RinG in against barbaric seniors to greet a new students


mie said...


ish3x.. orientation day.. hoho~

not bad la.. huhU~

cik kiah said...

haha yeah orientation week is hell.really
esp when it comes to seniors la of coz.jerit sana jerit sini. marah sana marah sini.dahla kitorg kene bagi nset kat dorg for the whole week.get a life la u seniors. i want my hp back.hehe
but there was 1 thing i loved about the orientation in UM. kitorg kene practice cheers, each college with their own cheers. and every night dekat dewan besar ktorg akan lawan cheers.fight ngn kolej2 lain.gile serius tyme tu best sbb cm ade real fight plak.main balas2, lwn2 sume.itu mmg best arr.seriuss:D
but still, kalo ingt blk kene marah n all, mmg rase nk ban je orentasi:(

cik kiah said...

and yes, what is the point of greeting every single senior we meet? and we even had to do something stupids like singing lagu merepek2, just to get their signatures. kenapa perlu kutip itu tandatangan?? bosan gile!

turtlegal said...

wohoho~ mine was horrible and i hate it so much! hate d seniors n also da place!

RinG said...

to mie,

yes it is, orientation day is a not bad 'la' day.. haha..

to cik kiah,

hmm, seems like you're enjoying those singing, cheering part! well, who wouldn't be right? ha, bout getting the tandatangan, it is totally ****** thing. kene nyanyi la, tu la, ni la, sbb nk amek sinature.. xde cara lain ke nk bermesra? even if they think it is cool, but they're rather ended a fool.

to turtlegal,

hoho, where did you hv those horrible days? thank god you're still sounds and alive.. haha!!

silence said...

oritentation week is a fun day for senior i supposed. because its time to usha's freshers lar kan. hehe

mie_amour said...

ahahahha...huhuhuu...orientation day it's not half badlah dude...oklah tu...make u feel like 6 yers old kindergarten student...yeah...

RinG said...

to silence,

yes, it is their day la somehow.. haha.. even there's some juniors usha-ing seniors.. hoho

to mie_amour,

haha, yea yea, sometimes makes me feel like a kindergarten student, singing, clapping, some stupid chicken dance i guess.. hmm, i wants a big guy treatment!

iEn said...

hi ring.. happy good day!

shotliver said...

Oh Wow I didnlt realise that orientation day in Malaysia is the same as in Indonesia where the seniors have to impose uppon their seniority... It's rather stupid really... I never had a really bad orientation day to be honest, so i was never mean to my Juniors... but lucky for me I moved to NZ for High school and Univeristy. So for my uni orientation, I spent my week going to concert, getting drunk, meeting random people, making new friends, throwing up and having hang overs ha ha ha ha... well that was 8 years ago though :)

Princess Liyana said...

ntah ape ke halnye nak kena amik sign depa:p

izzahismail said...

haha.orientation is a hell full of torturing.esp when they yell at you. but,i guess it's some sort of memories than remains today. i come to think about it,i just simply laugh.

p/s:have another orientation going on next week.thanks for visiting my humble page ;))

RinG said...

to ien,

hi! happy good day to you too.

to shotliver,

huh? is it same as in Indonesia? what a typical ASEAN lor.. btw, me too never mean to my juniors, i am good bro! haha.. seems like NZ orientation day is more democratic in there. i mean, it's up to student to do whatever they want. you'll find no democracy in (uni orientation) here.

to princess liyana,

ye ye, kena amik sign dia orang menyebabkan saya trauma dengan orientation (speaking by experienced)

to izzahismail,

yes, though it is rather bad, sometimes we can simply smile, but i'll never smile remember-ing what my senior had done to me.
ps/ njoy your orientation and do come again.

Anonymous said...

u know what,i was announced to be the leader for the girls!omg,i think i dun wanna remember those stupid moments when peps show disrespect to me cuz i can't speak louder that moment.i had sore throat!hmm...

Anonymous said...

oh ya!in UTM,we call it as Minggu Haluan Siswa.hihi!

RinG said...

to ariana,

that's the price you have to pay when you need to work on something you don't prepare. hmm, that's always happen in what did you say? Minggu Halaun Siswa? yeah! haha