Sports fever

Tun Dr. Mahathir said in his blog, that it seems the vehicles were lesser on the road today as the government decide to reduce the oil subsidy yesterday. He's true, the road seems too empty today. Tun said it was maybe due to people starts saving, but I have another perspective to look into.

I think maybe it is because Malaysian starts flocking to Europe. Yeap, the Euro 2008 is starting in less than 2 days now. It is the most expensive event on the Earth now! Forget about oil price, forget about Obama, let our heart stay in Europe if you can't be in there physically. And Italy will always have my support. Bona Fortuna!

By the way, what happen to SUKMA? It seems like nobody is watching it. The media didn't put enough effort to promote SUKMA. Yes I know, it is unprofitable but at least, why can't they put some patriotism in front of business? For the sake of our dying sport, why can't they help to revive it? RTM is the only channel which is available for SUKMA, that's so sad. Well RTM belongs to government so it make sense they air it. But where are the private stations? Don't they feel like serving for their country first? Come on, Euro2008 didn't start yet.

Besides, I think SUKMA is too predictable. The host will always the game. Somehow, it happens in every organized Sukan Malaysia. This is just my opinion. No offence to any hosts. Or is it just me being so curious about SUKMA. When million of Malaysian watching the game, I don't even tried to click on channel 1 RTM. No I don't think so, ask anybody about SUKMA, I bet too little will know about that.

But, at least, if media work very hard to promote SUKMA, I bet many would speak of it instead of speaking of Cannavaro's injury.

I blame the media.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes I wonder why the host will always gain the 1st place.what's rolling on my mind is 'mereka tak aci' or 'main kotor'.hihi!sounds negative.but that's the reality in every games.SEA games too!

RinG said...

oh yes, it did happened in SEA games too. But I don't think cheating is everything that put them standing high among others. Remember how Japan and South Korea manage to perform during 2002 World Cup? But there are really certain games that they can cheat. And I wonder, can Malaysia win (or at least perform a good play) if we are happen to host the World Cup football?

shotliver said...

I guess the petrol cost in Malaysia is as expensive as here :(

donna said...