Where did PAS goes wrong?

What do you think when there is a law, asking you to dress properly? Well, the law is in Kota Bharu, Kelantan. PAS is going very serious in teaching Muslims from wrong to right. Recently, PAS introduced a law asking any working women Muslim in the state to dress accordingly. They need to dress in Islamic ways. This law does not apply to the town visitors as they still want to impose the law to the woman workers only.

If this law is for good, but why do we need people talking about this? Seems like it is a bad way for PAS to teach and preach an Islamic lifestyle. Is this really wrong? From my point of view, PAS had done wrong since they started to introduce this law.

Don't get me wrong, keep reading!

For me, when PAS wants to implement a more Islamic way of life, they should say it out loud. Why do they need to make excuses like, lipstick and high heels is very attractive and promote rapes? Because, the more you are making excuses, the more who don't understand about this will make a nice political hoax.

So, whenever you want to implement Islamic lifestyle, just say that you want an Islamic lifestyle, and I am happy to accept it. Yes, just make it straight to the point! No need to worry because the Kelantanese vote for you to make something like this becomes real.

RinG in promoting direct speaking!


Princess Liyana said...

Moral of the story : Say it out loud!:)

nafastari said...

RinG, I like this one! Mainly because I don't mind if I live in an Islamic state or ruled by Islamists.

I might have my own interpretation about Islam but I don't have problem respecting other muslims' opinion and their way of doing things.

cik kiah said...

i was thinking to post about this too last nite, but the real bad headache i got stopped me.good post ring

i think it would be good if evrybody gives their cooperation in this. objection will only makes things complicated. i dont find any reasons to say no to dress properly or to not wearing high heels and lipsticks. it is not a big problem, i guess. (well its probably bcoz i dun wear them. yes i dont wear lipstick n high heels)
it is one good way, i think, to prevent rapes n all (as PAS said)but im sure their main reason is just like what u think ring. perhaps

p/s : raya kt kelantan tahun ni pakai flip-flop aja hehehehe

RinG said...

to princess liyana,

yes, say it out loud so we won't be any laughing stock..

to nafastari,

yes, it should be like that. we will respect any decision that they want because they were elected to do their job and we're ready for changes. again, no excuses needed.

to cik kiah,

well, you can have a post whenever you're getting better that i guess. like you said, everybody should co-op with this because surely they don't want to see their state in failure.
ps/ by the way cik kiah, i think you've some wrong view about this law. the law is only for those who are working in kota bharu. not for public nor visitors. so, no need on flip-flop lah for raya. haha

the naughty princess said...


aLia-neSS said...

owh.i hv to agree.diff ppl got diff mentality, am i right?

anyways. hello~~ ;)

and yea, im kelantanese.

RinG said...

to alia-ness,

yeap, different people always come with different ideas.. that's life