My Favourite Wife is not that good

Tony Parsons had always been my favourite novelist. From the series of 'Man and Boy' and 'Man and Wife', 'The Family Way', and 'Stories We Could Tell', these books are really a magic from Parsons. Because of his writing is more on man's perspective of life, it suites me really good. Sometimes, reading his book makes you feeling really bad to remain single. His stories pictures how beautiful the marriage is. He is great telling how sweet for you to have someone to love and how wonderful it is to be loved.

And when a newspaper make a review about his new book, named 'My Favourite Wife', and for sure I read it, it is really some pain in the ass when they told you the new book is still a great one from Tony Parsons but when I read it, it is not something that should coming from Parsons. It would not something that Tony Parson should make.


Yes, that's my word for his new book. The story is slow. That's it. The only reason I don't like this book is because it is so slow. Nothing actually happen even after you had read at least two chapters of the story. It took me almost a month and half to hardly finish reading that book. It is not worth of rushing to Borders to use a free discount coupon taken from the newspaper.

So, whoever wish to buy this book I suggest not to do so. It's not even worth of a ringgit. But, we do differ on our own taste and I won't say anything to whoever still wants to buy it. It is your 'My Favourite Wife'.

By the way, kudos for the nice cover. I can't help myself from scratching the heart shape. Haha


shotliver said...

I've never heard of Tony parsons... I guess I read thriller/adventure book too much! have you read my siters' keeper by Jodi Picoult? you might like it :)

Glad to know that I'm not the only one having manga addiction! and Yes Kendo is alot of fun! you can actually hit people in the head with a stick and scream at them at the same time ha ha ha ha I think they have a few club in malaysia :D

Anonymous said...

The love is on the air right now...
I'm also never heard about that Mr. Parson.But the way u describe bout his written books makes me wanna find on of his books.

mie said...

wow, looks like its good..:)

RinG said...

to shotliver,
i had knew about that book but never attempt to buy it. but, i'll borrow somewhere someday. anyway, it is indeed still a hits in Malaysia. a well known one for book lovers though. And I know an Australian writer, she is Trudi Canavan. Have you read her Age of The Five trilogies? well, it is the most best trilogy I ever read. The recommendation is very high.

To Ariana,
Mr Parsons is a British author anyway. And something I'll recommend from his writing are 'Man and Boy' and 'Man and Wife'.

To mie,
Hi! It looks like you like that book and I am very ashamed of you as I myself can't attempt to like my favourite's author pieces.

Norae said...


Never read Tony Parson's book before.. maybe I should check at MPH..

RinG said...

To Norae,

Yes you are encouragely to go check his books. They're great!