I don't have any idea what to post nowadays as my interest is shifted to my new car! My mind is totally blank. All it has is only about car. Cars on my left side of brain, and on the right side too. Yippee, I have a car now! It's a Proton Satria Neo wholly subsidized by my parents. The car is not intentionally for me but also for my other siblings use but as I'm the only one who have the license (my sister also has the license but she's away for study), so, unofficially it's for me!

Too bad, the car will be kept at home and I'll never have a chance to bring it to campus. Not permitted by my parents. However, having a new interest is great.

First thing that I feel the most important thing to make my car look good and long lasting is to get it tinted. You know, to make sure the interior side will not damaged by sunshine and to make sure it looks so sporty so that everybody will look at it. So last night, I started my 'research'. Ramming pages by pages, tabs by tabs, trying hardly deadly to learn at least 'something' so that I wouldn't cheated at shops.

Then at the next day (today), I went to the friend's recommended shop, to get my car tinted. Along with my friends, I am very superb confident that I knew everything about the tinting stuff. Sadly, when I reached the shop, I get dizzy with the choices. So, after a few times thinking, calling, asking about the price, and negotiating, I agree with an offer. It looks great to my car and also financially good.

Since waiting for the car to get ready is not a very efficient time consuming, I rumbled the nearest mall. Yeah!

After everything was finished (it tooks a very six hours), and when I reached home, surprisingly I found out the windows look very dark! I think I am over tinted my car. There are so little lights can penetrate into the car. Though it looks so good on my eyes, I'm very worry if it doesn't good on JPJ's eye. It costs me my mum RM750 to get it done and if JPJ touch it, I'm doomed!


cik kiah said... me, it won't pass the jpj's standard.after all, u know them well, dun u?

p/s: sonoknye ade kete. nak jugak!

RinG said...

I am a dead meat!

(T_T) (*_*) ($_$) (x_x)

ps/ adakete mcm takda, time blaja nnti kena lek tinggal

shotliver said...

Hey. hey... New car! and Tinted even LOL... is ist going to be like one of those boy racer car? Sounds good :)

PS: I'm no precises chemist when it comes to cooking, but rather a bucket chemist :P

RinG said...

hehe, ty! anyway, tinting is normal in Malaysia you know but it we're not allowed to tint it excessively, controlled by a body called JPJ. Due to extra hot climate, it is recommended to tint it a lil. but mine is not lil anymore, it was accidently over tinted, illegal in Malaysia and I'm worry.

cik kiah said...

ala.mule2 je kene tggl.nnti da lame skit sure bleynye bwk.hehe.
btw,ring. studi katne?

Norae said...


wow.. satria neo.. my fav car.. sporty & really suitable for single.. anyway.. have u seen the r3 version??... nicer..


Sanza said...

would love to have satria neo as my first car - afterall its the most realistic car to have for a middle-class malaysian like me. unlike most of us, who think its posh and lavishly cool to have unrealistic dreams of donning lancer, supra, u name it.

p/s - nice blog u have here.

RinG said...

to cik kiah,

mula2 kene tinggal is for sure, but i didn't expect to have it. no money, no flashy. haha. i am a Electrical Engineering student at UiTM

to Norae,

yes, satria indeed is very suitable for single to mingle. i'd seen r3 type but can't afford to have it. besides, it is my mum's choice to get this car, not me. but i'm very happy to own one of our prides.

to Sanza,

yes, neo is very suitabale for what like you said, middle-class malaysian. very fuel consuming. very good at its own class. for youngsters who wants to own a lancer, forget it if you can't afford to pay your own studies.

mie_amour said...

satria neo...i tot it is a girly car...but it's spoty lah...accdently overtinted? cmment...takutnya kalau get caught n jpj's off will rap out the tinted film in frnt of us..that's the story i heard bfore...rilex..everyone made mistkes...

MindHeartBodySoul said...

Lucky you!
When I was young and rebelious,
I did't have an opportunity to navigate a car's steering & to place my feet on the brake.

... whewwwww... a young man equipped with a good machine. This Satria Neo later akan banyak berjasa kelak...

Anonymous said...

I'd prefer Persona!
I keep thinking bout tat car 24/7.
I wish my dad could buy me the car,,
but..i have to stop pestering!
minyak naik,kene jimat!hehe..

RinG said...

to mie_amour,

satria neo is a girly car? what? i think no girl wants to enter the car by sliding through the front passenger's chair right? by the way, about the tinting problem, i got it tested at another workshop and i'm on par with the jpj regulation. thank God!

to mindheartbodysoul,

yes, thank you. by the way, i hope it will serve me greatly and not causing any problem. well, you know how proton it is right? haha

to ariana,

well persona is like a family car for me and for certain reason, i don't like drive a family car. well, i assume you just have completed your driving class, and passed the test, so keep begging to your dad. F.Y.I, i'd begging my mother nearly for three years to have a 'kids' car. haha. before this, i used my mum's car and i hate sending her to work and take her back home. it shorten my outing time. haha

donna said...