Almost get there!!!

I am 21 now and I'm still trying to get my best hairstyle. I think I don't have much time now since I'm losing my hair so fast, darn! Three days ago, I went to a salon, well to trim my hair a bit because there are few people starts ordering asking me to cut my hair short. Well I don't like it short and I prefer to trim it a bit.

So then, I was in this salon and I was almost transformed into a girl's hairstyle, thank god she noticed it earlier. I don't know how she do it but I look stupid and was so embarrassed, pissed by her laughter. Sadly the hair must be cut a little bit more and plus the earlier cut, I have a lot of haircut that day.

So now, my hair backs to normal length though it still long for certain. Again, I failed to see if I'm good in long hair or medium long hair. Short haircut won't make any good as my hair well you know, not so thin like 5 years before. By the way, the massage is great, I like! So, that's all for now, just want to write something. Hehe.

Add Me

Dear everybody, I made a Facebook account!

Last night was way too bored. Suddenly I realized I just finished making one Facebook account. Haha. Well, I started to like it and don't know how to stuck with it like everyone said. Still learning how to handle the site and making something fun with it.

Maybe I need more friends to make mine more enjoyable, so anybody out there who has one, add me. Thanks.

Help the Needy Reads

When I start owning a car, I have done some revision on my financial for the whole semester. This is to ensure I won't die starving because I need to pump my car and fuel is never expected to be cheap in years around. My new budget is about turning the unnecessary spending into a more economical and healthier spending such as, instead of having a sweet drinks while having meals I ordered plain water, I eat breakfast so that I can skip the lunch because it is cheaper in that way plus I don't really like lunch, don't know why. Stop buying the novel is the most drastic action I've done so far.

I don't know why I like reading novel so much because I lived in a community where people don't read but for me(for me only la), stopping reading story books is like killing my senses.I have tried reading downloaded novels but it never works like switching plain water from sweetened drinks. I am traditionalist so reading a real book is more enjoyable compare to what you read at computer. You won't get those nice book smells if you're reading from computer. Hihi.

But now the semester is over, I am home, penniless and still can't afford to buy one. Even my stomach now is functioning because of my parents' mercy (and not forgotten to God). So if there is anybody of you out there wants to share your books, feel free to post it to me. I am very grateful to cilok one of your good books. Hehe.

Teacher's Day

Anybody who can read this blog must have at least a teacher in their whole life. If not, well I think you're gifted with readings. Well, I have a lot of teachers and their main job is teaching of course. There were some who dares to pinch me, kick me, spank me, stab me, squeezed my ears, and scold me. One even throw a shoe on my face because I was so stubborn to get awake for Subuh prayer. There were also teachers who are so kind to me, they threat treat me with foods, clothes, some even generously patted on my back (feels good though I like it). Whatever my teachers had done to me, it makes me who I am today and I love my life now. Thanks to them.

At the night of 16May, my brother send a text message to my parents, and it says "happy Teacher's Day, thanks for teaching through my whole life". At the time, I realize parents are my teachers too and I never appreciate take things easy on what they had teach me . So, mom and dad, Happy Teachers Day. And not to forget to teachers, ustaz, ustazah, lecturers, Happy Teachers Day too. Every lessons you give, all is appreciated regardless of times when I sleep in class or not. hehe


Hi all, exam is over and now I'm in Kelantan already. If you miss me, kiss me through the phone ya, haha. Kidding.

he next day after back home, I was in Penang, sending my brother to Penang Matriculation, a place I used to study. The college had a lot of memories. It's the place where I found a cute girl. I use to have a crush on her but the friendship remains as a friendship. I never told her about my feelings toward her.

Speaking of love, I don't have any experiences. Whenever love struck, I just ignored it because for me, love is just a feeling. Well, that's me, I hope anybody who read this and have a life partner, I hope love that you're having is not for the sake of fun, but it is the love that guide you to heaven.