In my blog, I want you to see on your left side, at the post counting. See every month counting? Yeap, every month except on May, I only manage to update this blog twice per month. In May, I was at home and most of the time I am quite free, so that’s why explain the differences. Well before this post is made, trust me, I am very very wanted to update the blog, in continuing the 2posts per month count and now I guessed I succeed already. What can I say, I am a busy student.

And now, I am still busy as usual and counting days to go back to Kelantan for Raya. Before holiday, I have 3 assignments that need to pass and currently only 1 had completed. And now, I don’t have anything to write, so this is it, the second post for August. Selamat Hari Merdeka!

God Gives You Meat, so Eat!

Everyone here knows that I have a big problem with cats. Cats and I will never ever have a close and peace relationship. Some of my friends say I am afraid to cats. Well, I am not afraid of cats, I just happened not to like cat which means I don’t like to touch cats, be near with cats and stare into each other. Well that’s just another excuse to make myself looks braver and manly haha the truth is yes, I am afraid of cats.

Another truth is, I don’t like fluffy and flurry things such as cats, rabbits, and even teddy bears (don’t dream I’ll buy you these things including the teddy bears okay?). Every time I touch that kind of materials I’ll be like, vomiting, high, dizzy, uneasy, and bla bla bla just to say that I don’t like it!

But these feelings never make me an anti-animal or racist towards animals as some people suggest. I love animal, I just can’t be with it. And to be frank I’ll never love animal the way some people did such as build a care centre for unlucky animals, the world needs that funds for better purpose. For me, the only way I can show my love and passions towards animals is by eating them. Yes that’s the reason why God creates animals so that we eat them. Refusing to eat meats (vegetarians) is like refusing to take the God’s rahmat. People need meats, so don’t stop hunting and eating animals. Of course we don’t eat cats, that’s too harsh and cats are cute right?

And I can say vegetarians are unlucky people in this world because they missed the most valuable gifts from God to us. Well, they didn’t miss it, they refusing it, what a jerk!

And speaking about eating, we all know this is Ramadan already so I wish everyone who read my blog to have a good month of ibadah and hope what is good can be carry on throughout our life. God bless you!