December Post

As usual, too lazy to make some updates and this one is for December post. Though I have something, many things to share but writing is never be as fun as before. In the past, when I want something to share, an issue to express, I would make a lot of sentences and write it up in this blog. But now, I always prefer twitting about anything, it needs not anything too elaborative to share what's on my mind. But as lazy as I am, tweeter also a bit abandoned lately. But tweeting is much more easier so I post my thoughts much at twitter rather than blogger.

So should I say blogging is way much backwards nowadays? Well compare to the enjoyment of blogging in the past and now, I can say blogging sure going dead sooner. Whatever it is, this blog I can say I will to keep it updated and alive as long as possible. (In before, I have a few blogs and after series of failed commitment I shut it down and opened up a new one.)

So here are some of my life's updated info (for those who miss me lar har har har).

1. I changed my rims again
2. Follow me on twitter, amir7474
3. My car is healthy
4. My studies going wrong (judged by comparing my result and friends)
5. Next month is my birthday
6. Oh I already bought the FIFA2011 game. If you play it online, add me up ->ame88
7. Malaysia wins the AFF Suzuki Cup, quite impressive!
8. Next semester is the last semester, good luck to everybody!
9. Already read 3 novels, but too lazy lazy lazy to share the stories. Later if get some times will share

Last but not least, I will try to go to your blog sooner or later and leave some comments. (I always been to everybody's blog and read only, later I'll post the comments).

For this coming 2011, I wish everybody another successful year and a great health!

This is how I get a life

If you believe there is a place in this world where you can be what ever that you want, trust me you won't find it. Hell, why bother to be something else if becoming you on your own is already a total misery? But if your world fails you, it is okay to dream about another world because dreaming is everybody's playground. But dreaming will never ever be a reality. I never find my dreams turn into reality, have you? So why takes your dreams so seriously. "Mimpi itu hanya mainan tidur".

I know this blog looks so mundane. Maybe for you, it's like a dream to see this blog to keep alive and updated. But for me, it feels like a dream to at last made an update. Life has been cruel for a while. It is a 'live or dead', 'take it or leave it', and 'what you give you get back' sort of life I am having right now and then. So usually, when life is hard, I thought, giving this lonely blog an update would help ease the burden for a little bit but it never works. The problems still need to be faced and nobody is ready.

But still I believe that this blog is the last chance for me to "get a life". Because this is the only way we are connected.

Fifa 2011 is all that I need

Oh my God, is it the internet is now a really really boring junk today? I’ve been on every websites I’ve bookmarked and there’s nothing to entertain me. Blog hopping is also not really helping because nobody is updating theirs.

I know, my own blog is a boring blog too, even I myself did not know what to do every time I am here. This place should be bomb someday, I think.

All that I want now is the FIFA 2011 and a new gamepad replacement. I really really need them now but financial constraint and the final examination is around the corner already, I just need to postponed it. Duuugh, but it doesn’t helping at all. Everday I went to LYN just to read everybody is excited playing FIFA 2011 and everday I dreamt about Saitek gamepad. Oh God, help me!

Okay, that’s it for the first update in October

Men from the Boys, Selamat Hari Raya

Yeay, Selamat Hari Raya to everybody. When others complaining raya is not for them anymore, raya never been too lame nor too boring for me, I LIKE RAYA! Haha. Well, after a week, raya is okay and good. Still got some duit raya, nothing different from the past. For those who think that their age affect their raya mood then I'm sorry, you just did not know how to enjoy your raya.

During this raya also I had finished a novel from my no.1 author, Tony Parson. The book is ‘Men From the Boys’. Well the novel is the sequel to the ‘Man and Boy’ and ‘Man and Wife’ which I’ve read like 5 years ago. So as usual, Tony Parson really writes about men’s life, about our (men) challenges to face the reality in relationship, in our job, in parenting and everything about our past and of course, I like it and I take his story as very true.

Spoiler Alert!! (Been a while since my very last review on novels, I’ll try)

Well in this book, Harry the main character of the story is a divorcee and has a son from the previous marriage and now living with a new wife with a step daughter from the wife and a new daughter of theirs. And I pictured Harry as a loser in marriage and parenting. Since the book is about the relationship between men and boys, between father and son here I would like to focus on the son, Pat 15 years old. Both Pat and Harry were in hard times driven from various factors such as Pat’s mother, the school, the Pat’s growing up stuff and Harry is jobless has putted his marriage under strain his family is isolating him.

Well Harry’s situation can be seen as the worst situation of any father in this world want to be into. He is jobless, his second marriage is ruining, his son hates him and the worst is he missed his dead parents. And Tony Parson successfully create a character which helps Harry to overcome this problem and helps Harry see this life correctly and I don’t want to spoil more, Harry manage to regain his family’s trust back. Who is the character which helps him, you read it by your own effort lah.

And being a man now, though I celebrate raya like a boy, I knew that life is not about enjoying at all times. Sometimes I take my parents’ feeling so easily. There are several times, many times actually I failed them and sometimes I did not have that guilty feeling about it though I know I am guilty, but the feelings were not straight from the heart. Harry in the story has many things that he regretted about his dead parents and I too has many things that I’ve regretted. And in this raya luckily we have that tradition of seeking forgiveness from everybody especially from our parents. And after a week of Syawal, still I didn’t do that ‘forgiveness hunting’ from my parents. Am I a sinner? I hope not. Well raya like a boy la kan?

After a man dies, he leaves everything in this world except 3 things. These things will help him gain him pahala (rewards in religion) when he dies. That would be

1. His usable knowledge and being used until the afterworld.

2. His charity during his life

3. His children who will always doing good kinds towards others and who will always pray for their parent’s peacefulness.

So for those who have lost either their mother or father or both, Islam teaches us to always pray for their peaceful at ‘there’ and all of our kind doings will also be rewarded to our parents. Al-Fatihah~

And for everybody out there who knows me, Selamat Hari Raya. I seek for everybody’s forgiveness and of course, yours too had been forgiven, don’t worry, lol.

100th Post-versary

It's September already, Friday, 3/9/2010. Now at McD Sec 14, PJ with Mr. Schomey. Aah, what a day to relax. Saturday will be the day when I will be driving home for Raya celebration. And now, I am proudly want to announce that I am assignment-free. Yes, I'll be going home for Raya without any assignment need to be done within the holiday. Thank God I was so rajin to complete them all. Oh yeah, MERDEKA MERDEKA MERDEKA!

And now, I am also very proud to inform that this is my 100th post for this blog. After about 2 and a half years being active and half active in blogging, I can say this is my biggest blog I ever have. Thanks to those who had always come and read at my blog. And not to forget for every friendship that had started from this blog, everybody is appreciated.

ps/ this 100th post was reminded by a very thoughtful Mr. Schomey. (tak gay kan ayat nih? haha)


In my blog, I want you to see on your left side, at the post counting. See every month counting? Yeap, every month except on May, I only manage to update this blog twice per month. In May, I was at home and most of the time I am quite free, so that’s why explain the differences. Well before this post is made, trust me, I am very very wanted to update the blog, in continuing the 2posts per month count and now I guessed I succeed already. What can I say, I am a busy student.

And now, I am still busy as usual and counting days to go back to Kelantan for Raya. Before holiday, I have 3 assignments that need to pass and currently only 1 had completed. And now, I don’t have anything to write, so this is it, the second post for August. Selamat Hari Merdeka!

God Gives You Meat, so Eat!

Everyone here knows that I have a big problem with cats. Cats and I will never ever have a close and peace relationship. Some of my friends say I am afraid to cats. Well, I am not afraid of cats, I just happened not to like cat which means I don’t like to touch cats, be near with cats and stare into each other. Well that’s just another excuse to make myself looks braver and manly haha the truth is yes, I am afraid of cats.

Another truth is, I don’t like fluffy and flurry things such as cats, rabbits, and even teddy bears (don’t dream I’ll buy you these things including the teddy bears okay?). Every time I touch that kind of materials I’ll be like, vomiting, high, dizzy, uneasy, and bla bla bla just to say that I don’t like it!

But these feelings never make me an anti-animal or racist towards animals as some people suggest. I love animal, I just can’t be with it. And to be frank I’ll never love animal the way some people did such as build a care centre for unlucky animals, the world needs that funds for better purpose. For me, the only way I can show my love and passions towards animals is by eating them. Yes that’s the reason why God creates animals so that we eat them. Refusing to eat meats (vegetarians) is like refusing to take the God’s rahmat. People need meats, so don’t stop hunting and eating animals. Of course we don’t eat cats, that’s too harsh and cats are cute right?

And I can say vegetarians are unlucky people in this world because they missed the most valuable gifts from God to us. Well, they didn’t miss it, they refusing it, what a jerk!

And speaking about eating, we all know this is Ramadan already so I wish everyone who read my blog to have a good month of ibadah and hope what is good can be carry on throughout our life. God bless you!

I Will Stop ..... Shisha-ing

After two weeks, my car is now already in a good condition, a very superb condition. The brakes, the hood, the rims, the absorber all had been changed into more responsive and better quality one. Well I did those not because I just want to change it, but because they all were broken. Some just need a small repair while there are several that need to be change. And it had been a tough time for me to ride the car in that condition, well I can say the car is not on its standard when everything is not solved yet. Before everything was fixed, to get a 120kmph is a suffer and quite dangerous I can say, well the car become not so stable. Been trying to reach more than 120 recently with full load in the car and I can say better not doing it. For those who I’ve secretly made you involved in my speed experiment, sorry to say and thank you for being so quiet during the rough and tension trip, hehe, by the way, thanks. About the speed experiment, well I need to do it just to gain certain unexplained experiences. Hehe, that’s what a racer did actually, push the car to its limit and adjust it to get a better performance.

For two weeks I had been back and forth to the workshop and seeing my baby car being touched, knocked, inspected and ride by unknown person in that workshop is not an easy feeling. Imagine your loved one being touch by someone else, that’s what I feel about my car. I hate them touching my car and not being selfish, I am really grateful to them because treating and repairing my car very well and so quick. (Though at first I’ve lost my trust towards them because they need my help to open up the front bumper, what a noob!)

Taking care of a broken and sick car can be quite tiring and need a lot of money. Imagine what if I need to take care of a sick pperson, I just don’t know how to handle it. Okay, I try to imagine what if I got sick, sure it will be pain in the ass for any person in this world to take care of me, God please give me a good health, I don’t want to get sick. Seeing sick people for two months during internship made me appreciate life better (I think so la). So, it made me realize, I need to stop enjoying shisha. Well some people said shisha-ing is not as dangerous as smoking but for me I belief the risk is not worth taking.

Several weeks ago, while I was lepak-ing at Hartamas (there is a good place for shisha-ing there), as usual, shisha is a must. I inhale, I breath thick smokes, well what a good pleasure to have. My favourite would be the one that can makes you dizzy, a pleasure! But I know it is not good, getting dizzy on purpose is harem as well as getting drunk using alcoholic consumption. And before this I had a lot of bad experience with shisha, vomiting is usual several times when a very strong shisha involved.

So from now on, committing to get a better life and a good health, I wish to stop and restraing myself from consuming shisha. Even if I will shaking when I smell shisha from other tables, I won’t at all buy shisha. This is my promise to the world, I am quitting, this is it, thank you for reading!

LIfe is On

Hi everyone, just to say that I’ve completed my training last week and all I can say is it’s awesome. I’ve learnt a lot there and I’ve appreciate everybody that I’ve met there. They all will be missed and remembered.

Now it had been a week already I am in Shah Alam, back to school. Well there’s nothing much to share as there is nothing much happen between this post and the one before this one, it is just I’ve already submitted my report, ON TIME, I’m awesome!

Just to share with everybody that my friend, mankeropok (he writes stupid humor stories and do enjoy his blog) and I found this super delicious burger outlet in Damansara Utama like 5 months ago and we’ve been a very hard die fans of them. The name of this highly regards restaurant is Darabif and according to the cashier they have another outlets in Sri Hartamas and Bangsar, never been there so I don’t know where it is. Well if you know Damansara Uptown I’m sure there will be no problem in finding this restaurant because, well it is just in Damansara Uptown nothing smaller than this place, and should be reminded that is is NOT UPTOWN DAMANSARA ok, it is Damansara Uptown.

About the taste, well it is seriously delicious that the beef is so juicy you can feel and smell the aroma of the beef and you think the cow still alive. Haha, kidding, but the point is, I want to say that umm, this restaurant can offer you tastier and super duper delicious burger compare to other fast food outlets such as McD and BK especially. Even their meat is thicker and softer and no doubt aaargghhhhh, super delicious I can tell you. Like seriously I’ve been to this outlet since last semester (and I am still going) and no doubt, they are still the best. And it is proudly own by a Malaysian. If you want to go there, go early as they close at 10pm, what a lame.

Failed June

If you read my last post, you know what I am supposed to do between this post and that post, well everything that I’ve planned before failed miserably. Now I am out of time to do everything, the report, the home duties, the assignments. Well it may look not so many but being RinG as I am, that’s already a lot for me.

And in this my very last week of internship, my last week of semester break, I can conclude this is the busiest break I ever have. I’ve spent my weekends mostly out of Kelantan (only twice remember I’ve spent my weekends at home). Busy huh? Well, I love travelling and the outcome is I’ve skipped my internship day for 5 times and it counts as a week.

Boring story huh? Well this is what I call a desperate post! So, this is it, an update. Enjoy my pren! Got to continue writing report.