This is how I get a life

If you believe there is a place in this world where you can be what ever that you want, trust me you won't find it. Hell, why bother to be something else if becoming you on your own is already a total misery? But if your world fails you, it is okay to dream about another world because dreaming is everybody's playground. But dreaming will never ever be a reality. I never find my dreams turn into reality, have you? So why takes your dreams so seriously. "Mimpi itu hanya mainan tidur".

I know this blog looks so mundane. Maybe for you, it's like a dream to see this blog to keep alive and updated. But for me, it feels like a dream to at last made an update. Life has been cruel for a while. It is a 'live or dead', 'take it or leave it', and 'what you give you get back' sort of life I am having right now and then. So usually, when life is hard, I thought, giving this lonely blog an update would help ease the burden for a little bit but it never works. The problems still need to be faced and nobody is ready.

But still I believe that this blog is the last chance for me to "get a life". Because this is the only way we are connected.


Mr. Schomey™ said...

tahniah la kelantan juara. hehe

nufa said...

connected with whom huh?

and p/s: tahniah juga kerana Kelate mene..

p/s lagi : bila finals?

p/s: saya tak thu pun maksud p/s itu.. hihi

CONNIE said...

nothing is impossible. dont u believe that?? or u just dont dare to believe.

Norae said...

salam dik...

aiiii.. dah menang piala malaysia.. tak ok lagi kerrr

HEROICzero said...

peh... tetibe aku rasa touch2 dengan entri ko.

first time! Like a virgin.. ouhh..

babi. aku dah ngarot.


Aimi said...

update blog bley release sket laa..btol!!

Aimi said...

menulis blog ley release sket laa..siess! =)

RinG said...

to mr schomey and nufa,

tahun depan kelate mungkin mng lagi. hehe

to connie,

nothing is impossible is applied for those who are really motivated, not me unlikely.

to kak norae,

hehe, final malaysia kelate mng dh, diri sendiri final ni ntah kemana dh.

to heroiczero,

ko mmg suke touch touch neh. sbb tu ko tinggal space yg sgt besar. confusing and consuming btol, n more, u r not virgin, wake up!

to aimi,

ko post dua kali kat sini. kikikiki. same but different

sasuke said...

yep mimpi 2 cume mainan hidup..sbb tue lar klu nak wt sesuatu, wt ngn sesungguh hti..huh pnjg plak tazkirah..hehe

jdik truskan lar mngupdate blog tue yea..=)

Aimi said...

hahahahaaa..bengong je ley terpost duaaaaaa..

HEROICzero said...

hai. bila mau update bulan ini?

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