I Will Stop ..... Shisha-ing

After two weeks, my car is now already in a good condition, a very superb condition. The brakes, the hood, the rims, the absorber all had been changed into more responsive and better quality one. Well I did those not because I just want to change it, but because they all were broken. Some just need a small repair while there are several that need to be change. And it had been a tough time for me to ride the car in that condition, well I can say the car is not on its standard when everything is not solved yet. Before everything was fixed, to get a 120kmph is a suffer and quite dangerous I can say, well the car become not so stable. Been trying to reach more than 120 recently with full load in the car and I can say better not doing it. For those who I’ve secretly made you involved in my speed experiment, sorry to say and thank you for being so quiet during the rough and tension trip, hehe, by the way, thanks. About the speed experiment, well I need to do it just to gain certain unexplained experiences. Hehe, that’s what a racer did actually, push the car to its limit and adjust it to get a better performance.

For two weeks I had been back and forth to the workshop and seeing my baby car being touched, knocked, inspected and ride by unknown person in that workshop is not an easy feeling. Imagine your loved one being touch by someone else, that’s what I feel about my car. I hate them touching my car and not being selfish, I am really grateful to them because treating and repairing my car very well and so quick. (Though at first I’ve lost my trust towards them because they need my help to open up the front bumper, what a noob!)

Taking care of a broken and sick car can be quite tiring and need a lot of money. Imagine what if I need to take care of a sick pperson, I just don’t know how to handle it. Okay, I try to imagine what if I got sick, sure it will be pain in the ass for any person in this world to take care of me, God please give me a good health, I don’t want to get sick. Seeing sick people for two months during internship made me appreciate life better (I think so la). So, it made me realize, I need to stop enjoying shisha. Well some people said shisha-ing is not as dangerous as smoking but for me I belief the risk is not worth taking.

Several weeks ago, while I was lepak-ing at Hartamas (there is a good place for shisha-ing there), as usual, shisha is a must. I inhale, I breath thick smokes, well what a good pleasure to have. My favourite would be the one that can makes you dizzy, a pleasure! But I know it is not good, getting dizzy on purpose is harem as well as getting drunk using alcoholic consumption. And before this I had a lot of bad experience with shisha, vomiting is usual several times when a very strong shisha involved.

So from now on, committing to get a better life and a good health, I wish to stop and restraing myself from consuming shisha. Even if I will shaking when I smell shisha from other tables, I won’t at all buy shisha. This is my promise to the world, I am quitting, this is it, thank you for reading!

LIfe is On

Hi everyone, just to say that I’ve completed my training last week and all I can say is it’s awesome. I’ve learnt a lot there and I’ve appreciate everybody that I’ve met there. They all will be missed and remembered.

Now it had been a week already I am in Shah Alam, back to school. Well there’s nothing much to share as there is nothing much happen between this post and the one before this one, it is just I’ve already submitted my report, ON TIME, I’m awesome!

Just to share with everybody that my friend, mankeropok (he writes stupid humor stories and do enjoy his blog) and I found this super delicious burger outlet in Damansara Utama like 5 months ago and we’ve been a very hard die fans of them. The name of this highly regards restaurant is Darabif and according to the cashier they have another outlets in Sri Hartamas and Bangsar, never been there so I don’t know where it is. Well if you know Damansara Uptown I’m sure there will be no problem in finding this restaurant because, well it is just in Damansara Uptown nothing smaller than this place, and should be reminded that is is NOT UPTOWN DAMANSARA ok, it is Damansara Uptown.

About the taste, well it is seriously delicious that the beef is so juicy you can feel and smell the aroma of the beef and you think the cow still alive. Haha, kidding, but the point is, I want to say that umm, this restaurant can offer you tastier and super duper delicious burger compare to other fast food outlets such as McD and BK especially. Even their meat is thicker and softer and no doubt aaargghhhhh, super delicious I can tell you. Like seriously I’ve been to this outlet since last semester (and I am still going) and no doubt, they are still the best. And it is proudly own by a Malaysian. If you want to go there, go early as they close at 10pm, what a lame.