Story of Their Life

Recently, there are too many posts I've read about feelings, about love, about hardness going through life without the special one, especially from this guy and this guy. Well just like a man turns into a wolf when the moon are shining, I don't know if any places out there, the 12 planets in our galaxy made a straight line and turn my friends into a sadden and heart throbbing creature. Maybe life is too hard for them.

But my life is never easy on me too. Not to blame my friend's post about how gloomy this life is, I too had gone into a phase when my heart was throbbed, my mind unsettled, and things never going right for days. It happens not because of girls are ruining my life, hell no. My life is different with my friend's who I mentioned earlier. While they was sadden with their life, I was sad with other's life, when they were happily going out with our teacher back at MRSM, I was suffered at Gombak area in some place called Pondok Penyayang Raudhah. Well, story of their life, begins.

Last 6th February, I was following my housemate's class from other faculty into their charity event at that place. Well, at first I was told it was the place for the orphans, but when I was there, they are also hosting the single mother and the problematic teenage. The objective of the trip is to entertained the people there like doing some activities that helps to motivate them and gotong royong stuff.

When I was there, I pitied them. Not to pity why they were there, well I think they were there for good reasons. But I pity them because of the place they are living. It is too bad to be good. My rented house back in Shah Alam was way so much comfortable compared to theirs. They were lacked of so many facilities such as a place for a good sleep, to have a good meal, to study in a very comfortable environment, to have your body bathed in clean and tapped water, well they don't have any of these. When I was into their hostel, and entering their toilet, I saw this kid, a small kid, tough kid, brushing his clothes. Screech screech, screech, so faithfully brushing off the dirt. When I was that age, my dad still doing my laundry.

If the kid was sent by their parent because they can't help changing their children's bad behavior, well I think that is okay because the kid will only living there for a while. But try to imagine if there is a baby who was raised there and lived there, and face the truth that is their home, well I can't imagine that. I feel terrible for any children who was raised in that kind of place. I can't imagine if I was destined to live there, can I survive? I don't think I can. This trip really affects me, even days after that trip, I always think about them. Even when I want to do something the people of lifestyle of the rich and famous did, the mood will gone whenever their fate crossing my mind.

But going to that place also marks the lowest point of my life. I have done something that terribly affects my credibility. This kind of shame is greater compared to the shame when someone noticed you are not zipping your pants. Well, now, the story of my life. Everybody that closed to me knows that am afraid of cats, right? well, I never feels weird telling people I am afraid of cats, but I am most embarrassed when I reacted when cats are 'attacking' me. What happens there is, when I was at that place and listening their ustaz's lecture, well I don't bother to listen and read an pamphlet. I was very very very focused on the article when I was looking in front, there, standing (or sitting?) a cat, looking at me and I was shocked, and I jumped and attracts everybody's attention, and the cat was walking towards me, and there, there it is the most part, I hugged my friend just like a girl hugging a man when she saw a cockroaches. Can you imagine that? God that was so embarrassed! Everybody laughs. The lecturer laughs. The kids there laugh. I was a laughing stock for the whole day.

My story of lowest point in my life.

PS/ I am sorry if anybody of you who read this had lived there or any place like that and I sound like "what-the-hell-with-this-guy", I never mean to be rude by lowering your class and status of your living place, but to show that I am concerned with your hardness and difficulties. I hope anybody who lives in this kind of place will do well in their current life and their after life too.

Happy Chinese New Year

And this update this specially made for my beowolf beloved friends, Heroic and Mr. Schomey. And that's it, just an update. Kwang kwang kwang kwang