Not A Rock Not Yet A Diamond

Few days ago (actually it is not just few days ago, I frequently visited his page but few days before are too boring so whenever I am online, I was there.. haha), I was sticking to Paultan's blog, he is an active automotive writer. He writes about cars all over the world and he is Malaysian and of course he writes about Proton and Perodua too. And I am more into his Proton's writings, not because I own one, well I like reading about Proton and despite everybody's doubts and hating towards roton, surprisingly, there are still many of them are eager to know and have an updates about Proton .

Surprisingly, Proton has gone beyond more than I know. They have built their own engines which is the CamPro and CPS, starting to develop the electric vehicle technology, the still under development hybrid system, our own turbocharged engine!!!, the first national MPV, and a very highly regards the MEM Proton Satria Neo Super 2000 rally car(weeewwiit!!). Well, look at that! Look how much Proton had moved. See the differences at their early years when our first national car, Proton Saga was rebadge from the Mitsubishi technology of Japan and their current achievement at global stage? Proton now and then has improve so much in less than 30 years, well I just can't help proud of the national car.

But too bad, so sad there are still people out there who are still bashing and hantam the Proton as if Proton never change from 20 years ago. These people are demanding more from Proton. They want Proton to be fast at least can beat the Type R, they want the quality to be like the BMW or Merc, and there are some idiot out there who likes to compare Proton with other highly regards manufacturer such as Audi, Bently, or Jaguar. Well, comparing is good, but at least let it be on par la. They want good things from Proton but want a teh O kurang gula price. Some people going very good about saying not to proud driving a national car and die in it due to lack of confidence in safety measures, so 'stereotyper'. I hate these people (especially the Japanese car fan wannabe), if they have much money, okay that's good, go make your own car and have fun.

Well, these people forget why the Proton was built at first place. They forget about the low class family in Malaysia who can't afford a pricey car. I believed Proton now is in the right path for success. The reason they build such 'not so quality' cars is because to make sure that they can target every economical based classes in Malaysia.People in Proton has a business mind and they cannot leave the poor but need a car rakyat. Imagine what if Proton doing all of these fast and highly quality where when you crash into a lorry carrying cows and the car did not split into two, I don't think my grandfather could afford to buy his new Proton Saga BLM yesterday everybody can afford it. And I hope Proton would never in their mind to produce any fast car because as we all know Malaysian drivers are reckless and immature in driving. Worst, try to imagine if there is no Proton. What would happen if Proton is never here. Imagine those foreign manufacturer came and selling their cars at high prices because they knew, without local cheap cars, they can selling their products higher and their accessories also will be tag at a car cost. Foreign monopoly is not healthy to our economy, it is way dangerous.

Anyway, yes I do agree Proton are still much backward compare to other manufacturer, they still need to make changes. They still have many problems to counter. What I can hope is they do a lot more R&D, try to make everything cheaper especially their after sales service, and still being competitive and relevant. They are not shining like a diamond yet but in the future I believed they will shine and they never be like they were 20 years back when producing a tin milo car. Well, at least there are no more power window and gear box problems like we have heard before, but if there is any, it is minimum compared to years ago. But still as a Malaysian, do not condemn the them, support them and be proud to have a national car manufacturer.

Aritu Tu Aku G Bercuti

I still remember that day back in December 2005. It was raining and there were no electricity at all at the hostel but everybody's mood is at their own peak because it is our last day of SPM examination. Well, the feeling of getting out of school is good, very good. It feels my entire burden has been lifted as if God has blessed me in the non successful of two hours EST examination examination hall because the feeling is so calm, so peaceful, so doped by the very extraordinary emptied brain. Hahahaha. My youngest bro just finished his SPM and well, it just reminds me of those good days.

So to celebrate the fact of there would be no more in our siblings sitting for SPM, we have a nice trip to Penang last weekend. Well, the celebration is just an excuse so that our parents would let us go having some fun and of course giving us some money. Yeahaa! (And I'm bringing along my cousin who just finished his SPM).

The trip was a lot of fun. I wonder why I like so much travelling to northern region but I know they have a lot of nice places. The main agenda going to Penang is to be at Pesta Penang, to ride those crazy adrenaline rush machines. (If you never know what Pesta Penang can offer, well they have machines just like the Genting [not the mesin judi but the roller coaster and space shot stuff, well something like that] have except the Pesta one is more crazier and crueler, trust me).

Overall, the trip is a great one and the only thing that spoils my vacation is my exam result . It was released in one of those holidays. Well, again my grade is a little bit going down and thank God I am still in the safe spot but now is under a very very deadly parents' watch. What can I say, 2009 is not my academic year. My grade going down in both two semesters in this year and I hope 2010 will be just like 2007 and 2008 and would be much better. Anyway, just like last semester, the frustration is not permanent and I would be lazy again but I hope I would change, for good that I hope.

Broke Broke Broke, Got No Money In My Bank Now

Yeahuu, this semester break is so much of fun. I did not involve in any working area. I just stay at home. But the fun only happens after my 2 weeks of struggling to find a job and sadly I didn't found one. Working, hmm all that I wanted is only one month and nobody wants to hire me for a month and most of the reason I got is they are waiting for the SPM school leavers to apply, well probability these dropouts kids are staying longer than me. Even after begging I don't mind I got my salary being cut off, they still don't want to hire me for only a month. And now, it is too late already to find a job because I won't make any one month working time anymore.

Well, actually I am in needing some money now. Though the minimum I can expect to have for this semester break is at least RM500, I failed to achieve even a cent. Well, there is so much I want to do with the money that I am so desperate now. I need to buy new clothes, a new laptop (yes remember, mine was stolen and yes my parents do help me but their allowance to buy the new one did not suit my budget. hoho what a spoilt I am), and the most ridiculous thing I want to do is upgrading my car so that I can enter a drag session next year, yeah, what a dream. Stupid dream I guess. But I really really really want to join at least one drag session, it is kind of cool I think seeing my friends joining it. But, never mind, it is just a dream and dream will always be a dream.

I know RM500 is too little to get everything that I wanted. But at least, at least, at least...... well I don't know what I am hoping for. Even getting a job is hard enough what else to make a RM500. And I know asking from parents is an okay but I don't think it is a good solution. Come on, I'm 21 and going 22 in just a month (everybody, get ready for this.. haha). And my parents already agreed to pay for my car's major service and it is superbly expensive, I never can afford to pay the service charges and plus I need to do some tyre replacement because the old one has a problem with wet traction and I had skidded several times and it is dangerous and my mother is well convinced yippee. So they had spent a lot of money there for me and I didn't have the ball heart to ask for more money. Okay, let's eat the frustration.

Now I am happy working at home. To pay back their kindness for paying the stupid expensive maintenance for my car. From racking leaves at my house compound, washing the cars everyday, clean the house, cooking. Sounds easy right but surprisingly it are way too tired and I never get everything done until now. and I'm doing this because my mother still cannot find a replacement for her house cleaner which retired for a year already. Well, a cleaner where she came every weekend to clean the house, yeah that type, we don't need a full time maid that's a waste I we think, and now I'm replacing her for almost everyday. Now I wonder how my mother keeps the house clean all this year, it must be a tiring session. I cook? Yes cooking, I love cooking and I wonder why I didn't push harder to get into culinary course years ago and now suffering in engineering world, but thank God that pain is sweet. But it's okay, I am happy now doing all the house chores. It makes my love for my house grew bigger. Home sweet home and the sickest thing about these things is I haven't going out for almost 3 days and it sucks. Boooring!