Mahu Update

Last weekend I've been to Johore. A trip to convoi my cousin's wedding. Because my parents can't make their trip to Johore due to certain result, they send me. Sigh, luckily I've got my cousin's friends who accompany me through the journey. Well driving to Johore is very interesting though. 4 hours driving (proud having a fast nation car, ingat BMW je ke yang laju?) to Pontian from Shah Alam is very fun.

I found wedding ceremony in Johore is hugely merrier. This is my first time seeing a wedding ceremony with 2 times of kenduri, my first time seeing kompang squad singing songs, my first time seeing a very very long akad nikah. I don't know if other states are doing like Johore, but I never see it at Kelantan. Kelantan compare to Johore is very much simpler, and boring though, but Johore is way too decoratic and havoc, I mean on how they handle their ceremony. Eh, did I mention earlier that this is also my first time seeing people doing silat during wedding? Well, at the wedding, I think the whole village wants to perform their skills. From kids to old persons, everybody wants to demonstrate their silat skills.

Then after coming back to Shah Alam I got fever and flu. Flu looks like won't go away anytime sooner. Sigh.

Neo Fear

Lately while driving I always saw cars at upside down condition. Surprisingly, most of the car that I see usually is a Satria Neo model. Driving the same model and passing by to see it in that situation... the feelings is indescribable, sometimes it's nagging. But I never blame the driver. No, it's not the driver's fault. It's the machine.

Experiencing Neo is not like experiencing other cars. I take VOLVO car as example. Say you press the pedal, it accelerates and at no time you're at 120-km/h. Yes, you can feel it, the power that moves your body in a very short moment is fun (it is adrenaline). But that's VOLVO. The whole universe knows about this. How about Proton? Well, I drive Satria Neo and it is the best machine ever built in Malaysia that I'm sure. Floor the pedal, then you never know at what time you reached 120km/h. Usually, I'll be like this:

me: oh, it is 120km/h, ok slow down

...... 20 seconds later

me: man, this machine can't slow! [GRINNING]

So, whenever you see any Neo flipping down side up, don't say the driver is stupid, careless or whatever, you just need to say, whoaa, kereta dia lajuuu... hehe.

It is never our brain fault that makes us look like a stupid driver, it is about enjoying our ride that makes us driving like chasing the speed of light.

I develop a bad hobby now.
Of course, I don't want to involve in any accident, just having some fun.