Beautiful Play Is Not Enough

Again, they only manage to have a draw game. Two draws in two consecutive games is stupid bad. They draw both in English Premier League and Champions League games. What a waste to stay up just watch a boring game. The club claimed they are getting smatter and targets to win whatever league they join in this season, but the result appeared shows no convincing.

I'm crapping about Chelsea's game. Yeap, their game is smart and good, the performance is fantastic, but I am not Roman Abramovich, I don't care about how the game is played. What do I care most are winnings. If you can win, your game is good enough.

To friends and rivals (this is usually refers to Manchester United fans), Chelsea wins this season!

In Dilemma

Few days ago, I accidently got some money. It’s quite a lot of money, but not that much. Okey, I’m in a big dilemma now. Well, i have a plan with the money, and it is not a wise expenditure. Straight to the point, I’m dreaming of buying sports rim!


Should I or shouldn’t I? My parents certainly won’t like this idea. The other option is saving but that won’t make my mind at peace, well it is a guys-most-must-wanted-stuff.

Safe trip all!

The pilgrimage season is here again. Yesterday I sent my pakcik and makcik to airport for the journey. Hugs and kisses were passed to say good bye. Handshakes were never enough for this separation.

I pray all of Muslims going for hajj is safe and in good condition. I hope they all safe in the whole journey. Let us pray for any unwanted incident never happen in this pilgrim season.

Hey Color Blinders, watch what you pick

Color blinders should not be yielded from various what-the-world-can-offers. From driving license to education, color blinders were deserted. I am one of the lucky person to have the special chromosome inside my body. Their reason is simple, for the sake of damn safety. Well, I cheated for color blind tests for driving licence and I never break the red traffic lights. I lied when filling for university intake form and applied for Electrical Engineering (which is strict about the colors stuff) and I never blow up the laboratory. So who are 'they' to say us make mistakes while we never do it.

But last morning, I made a very stupid mistakes regarding colors. I lost to my nature's behaviour. I need to admit that color blindness brings hardness. Well, it happens in pump station. Early in the morning, at Caltex.

Blame on my genes, instead of puling the Gold Techron pumper, I picked the Silver one. The Gold's pumper is yellow and silver is red (I hope I'm right with the color information). My brain told me to pick the yellow one, but my eyes said the red one is the yellow. I pumped the red one. Damn, only realize after looking at the market price of the two petrols. I'm filling my car with the cheaper petrol. The cheaper one means bad for my car. The old petrol inside my car tank is mixing with the new one, they are not socially tolerate. Nothing I can do except crying over spilled petrol. My father said it is not good for the car. Taking some advice from SNC forum, they said should be ok if not happen too often. Then there is an advice asking me to finish the petrol quickly. Well sounds great, I can revving through the day and night. And I hope nothing will effect my car too much

Into the league

If Raya is a time where most of us crazily buying new clothes, well, for last Raya I'm not. (duhh, still talking bout Raya) I bought a new PC! Hehe. It is a home PC, the last one had received severe damages thanks to 5 years long serving us with various entertainments.

This new PC is great, based on AMD Phenom X3 accompanied by nVidia 9800GTx. Now I wonder why I didn't pick up for Phenom X4. The graphic is ok enough for me, well it supports Crysis game. Now I'm in the league with my friends, my computer too can play high graphic games! Yeeaha! By the way, the casing is super great, super cool.

Special thanks to for helping me in customizing the computer. If you're noob enough for computer customization, do come.

Rolling from Hell

If you're going to somebody's house and the owner didn't speak at all, that's rude. If you keep going to that house and the owner still be like that, don't be rude, easy, something bad might happened to that man.

For the last one month, if you are ever happen come to my blog and found nothing was updated, I beg for apologise. After Raya holiday ends, my body slipped into well-built-education’s hell. You know, assignments, presentations, projects, it kills.

Then, the hell was upgraded. Examination is up. To make it worst, there is no study week. I only have less than four days to prepare for 5 papers. Well, that’s what I got for procrastinates. Procrastination is a sin, don’t try it at home.

And now, after 3 weeks full of torment, I’m back at home, again. And I bring along some souvenirs from hell. Technically, it sticks into my body. Well, hell did some damaged on my body. I got new sickness in my life. It is so chronic that I didn’t know how to handle this. Straight to the point, I got amnesia!

Yeap, I can’t sleep, I can’t closed my eyes, and my brain can’t stop thinking which stupidly preventing I from sleeping. If I manage to sleep, it only holds for 3 hours, then I’m awake and can’t continue sleeping. I bet you know how it feels when you didn’t have a good sleep and when you blink your eyes, it feels funny, right? Too bad it happens during examination days and I hope I didn’t make too much careless.

If you’re sleepy, stop driving. But do you stop answering question paper if you’re sleepy? Either way kills.