Rolling from Hell

If you're going to somebody's house and the owner didn't speak at all, that's rude. If you keep going to that house and the owner still be like that, don't be rude, easy, something bad might happened to that man.

For the last one month, if you are ever happen come to my blog and found nothing was updated, I beg for apologise. After Raya holiday ends, my body slipped into well-built-education’s hell. You know, assignments, presentations, projects, it kills.

Then, the hell was upgraded. Examination is up. To make it worst, there is no study week. I only have less than four days to prepare for 5 papers. Well, that’s what I got for procrastinates. Procrastination is a sin, don’t try it at home.

And now, after 3 weeks full of torment, I’m back at home, again. And I bring along some souvenirs from hell. Technically, it sticks into my body. Well, hell did some damaged on my body. I got new sickness in my life. It is so chronic that I didn’t know how to handle this. Straight to the point, I got amnesia!

Yeap, I can’t sleep, I can’t closed my eyes, and my brain can’t stop thinking which stupidly preventing I from sleeping. If I manage to sleep, it only holds for 3 hours, then I’m awake and can’t continue sleeping. I bet you know how it feels when you didn’t have a good sleep and when you blink your eyes, it feels funny, right? Too bad it happens during examination days and I hope I didn’t make too much careless.

If you’re sleepy, stop driving. But do you stop answering question paper if you’re sleepy? Either way kills.


~ mizzAmy ~ said...

~ lor, kesiannya sampai kena amnesia. maybe because of the exam kot. busy study or stress. try to get enough rest masa cuti ni. harapnya, amnesia tuh leh hilang... ~

turtlegal said...

don't procrastinate!

p/s: telling to myself too. hihi

Mie Amour said...

amnesia or insomnia?got confuse here..huhu..

RinG said...

to mie amour,

a last, you spotted the mistake. it seems like amnesia is insomnia for everybody else too.. sorry for the mistake..

ok everybody, i have insomnia.. wrong spelling here!