Into the league

If Raya is a time where most of us crazily buying new clothes, well, for last Raya I'm not. (duhh, still talking bout Raya) I bought a new PC! Hehe. It is a home PC, the last one had received severe damages thanks to 5 years long serving us with various entertainments.

This new PC is great, based on AMD Phenom X3 accompanied by nVidia 9800GTx. Now I wonder why I didn't pick up for Phenom X4. The graphic is ok enough for me, well it supports Crysis game. Now I'm in the league with my friends, my computer too can play high graphic games! Yeeaha! By the way, the casing is super great, super cool.

Special thanks to for helping me in customizing the computer. If you're noob enough for computer customization, do come.


mat potpet said...

wah...pc baru shioott..boley ar ajak aku men nk maen sorg2?huhu

turtlegal said...

wooooo...congrats2...the pc = awesome!

shotliver said...

Cool!! new PC!! Perhaps this was the cause of you haveing trouble sleeping :P well I'm sure you did well in your exam... and ejoy playing with your new toy!!

PS: ring... my toes do look like hulk green now LOL but unfortunatley they don't come with supperpower LOL...

RinG said...

to mat potpet,

gempak do! nk main? dtg a klate, pc umah geng..

to turtlegal,

my pc says: ty! haha

to shotliver,

nope, this is not the reason. technology never defeats my life.. btw, thnx for ur concern, i hope my exam did very well.. you want super power on your toes? hammed it using a hammer! haha