Hey Color Blinders, watch what you pick

Color blinders should not be yielded from various what-the-world-can-offers. From driving license to education, color blinders were deserted. I am one of the lucky person to have the special chromosome inside my body. Their reason is simple, for the sake of damn safety. Well, I cheated for color blind tests for driving licence and I never break the red traffic lights. I lied when filling for university intake form and applied for Electrical Engineering (which is strict about the colors stuff) and I never blow up the laboratory. So who are 'they' to say us make mistakes while we never do it.

But last morning, I made a very stupid mistakes regarding colors. I lost to my nature's behaviour. I need to admit that color blindness brings hardness. Well, it happens in pump station. Early in the morning, at Caltex.

Blame on my genes, instead of puling the Gold Techron pumper, I picked the Silver one. The Gold's pumper is yellow and silver is red (I hope I'm right with the color information). My brain told me to pick the yellow one, but my eyes said the red one is the yellow. I pumped the red one. Damn, only realize after looking at the market price of the two petrols. I'm filling my car with the cheaper petrol. The cheaper one means bad for my car. The old petrol inside my car tank is mixing with the new one, they are not socially tolerate. Nothing I can do except crying over spilled petrol. My father said it is not good for the car. Taking some advice from SNC forum, they said should be ok if not happen too often. Then there is an advice asking me to finish the petrol quickly. Well sounds great, I can revving through the day and night. And I hope nothing will effect my car too much


Mr. Shcomey™ said...

ngok ngek..len kali bace je kat situ..kan senang..

izzahismail said...

a question and i hope you're not offended :) klu you color-blind, how do you differentiate the color?
i'm just curious.

finally,you're back! lame btol pause blogging. hehe

shotliver said...

ha ha ha ha ring ring... I do that all the time! but instead of filling my car with cheaper petrol.. I sometimes choose the wrong pump and put the expensive one! (cheap one 91 is green, expensive one 95 is red)... It doesn't hurt the car, but it hurt my pocket instead lol... the problem with me is that I am not colour blind... well it's very rare for female to be colour blind anyway...(not genetically impossible but rare) but I'm just blond sometime :P

well If you are colour blind is your grandpa from your mother colour blind too? I have a great aunt who is colour blind... yeah she is very special :)

anyway Hope your car is ok... and welcome back! It's good to have you blogging again :D

RinG said...

to mr. schomey (gelis siot nk tulis neh, haha)..

xpnah plak aku bace pebende diorang tulis.. stended main angkut je, sblom ni xpnah lak salah.. eh, ko slalu ke bace name2 RON97, 92 sue tuu? oh, aku xserajin itu.. haha

to izzahismail,

nope, not offended at all. i'm used with that type of Q.. well, how do i differentiate colors? hmm, well, i can differentiate some major colors like green, blue, white, black.. but usually i can't differentiate when the blue, purple, pink comes together. same goes with green, yellow and brown, red and black. once, i ended up buying pink clothe cause i thought i was blue.. sigh. well, most of the time, i'm just try to be practical.. thanks for concern.

to shotliver,

oh, you filled the cheaper one? but i advice not to mix the cheaper and expensive one too often.. technically, it is bad for your engine.. in long term, your car hurts, your pocket double hurt.. my family our grandpa is color blind too, he never admitted.. surprisingly, my father is color blind too.. haha.. a color blind-genetic-carrier married with a color blind-er, and here i am, confusing between the two types of petrol..

Princess Liyana said...

alaahai...pe lg..berjalan sakanla..abeskan myk tu..tk baek utk kesihatan kereta kamu:)

pReciOus shaRihaNa said...

a color blind!
lucky to hav u as a fren indeed.
i owez kagum wt ppl yg color blind nie.
mcm byk je bnda nk tnya!


RinG said...

to princess liyana,

oh mesti.. mmg da jenuh berjalan sakan, tp minyak tetap maintain je.. maklom la, tu minyak murah, bnyk la dapat.. haha..

to precious sharihana,

waah, i don't how what kind of lucky do you want from me.. haha.. kagum? kagum camane tu? ni mcm bnyk nk tanya ni ngan org xcolor blind.. huhu

Mie Amour said...

sorry..but i excited bile knal org yg ade colour blind ni..mcm2 nak tau..coz ade org kate colour blind ni have many types..ade yg black n white n mcm2 lagi...so,klu xkberatan ble crita lg?keen to read more bout this special side of u..no offense ya..

Princess Liyana said...

huhuhu..jalan n trus jalan..ahaha

RinG said...

to mis amour,

haha, no offense.. i already have the scripts for these color stories. i'm used to it. nnti saya cerita okeh.. nanti masanya..

to princess liyana,

ty! da isi minyak baru dah.. minyak tu da abeh

cik kiah said...

ring is rolling back. after so long.

turtlegal said...

aigo~ the good thing wit cheaper petrol = lebih kilometer..huhu

p/s: nex time, beware...huhu

RinG said...

to turtlegal,

oh lebih kilometer itu shell.. i am Caltex-an... haha

silence said...

chill lar amir . hehe

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