Beautiful Play Is Not Enough

Again, they only manage to have a draw game. Two draws in two consecutive games is stupid bad. They draw both in English Premier League and Champions League games. What a waste to stay up just watch a boring game. The club claimed they are getting smatter and targets to win whatever league they join in this season, but the result appeared shows no convincing.

I'm crapping about Chelsea's game. Yeap, their game is smart and good, the performance is fantastic, but I am not Roman Abramovich, I don't care about how the game is played. What do I care most are winnings. If you can win, your game is good enough.

To friends and rivals (this is usually refers to Manchester United fans), Chelsea wins this season!


Diver.Miskin said...


Frankly... as a United fan.. we dont see Chelsea as our main rival.. as long as its not Liverpool or Man City.. we r ok...

dont get us wrong... we do envy wit Chelsea.. specially during Mourinho era.. but historically, Chelsea do not have that credential.. so the rivalry or the feeling rasa cam nak sekeh kepala is not there wit Chelsea... maybe next few years, if Chelsea keep on winning BPL or CL, the feeling will develop.. heheheh... like how we feel wit Arsenal now...

btw, hate to admit.. i got the feeling it might be a Liverpool year... really hope Chelsea will stop them.. doubt that United could get the 3 in a row twice..

izzahismail said...

i certainly have no idea what to comment.see, girls mostly are not big fan of this games and most of the girls are aiming for handsome player.haha.

anyway, i slalu bley tau biler the football season starts to begin.
biler tbe2 my brother tido awal giler.itu tande nak tgk bola tgh malam.

ok.takde kaitan dgn post.ha-ha.

silence said...

yes! chelsea chelsea!!

Mr. Shcomey™ said...

halamak..chelshit fc da berangan daaa...xpyh la amir..hentikan..balik2 kte akan tgok story same cm season lepas..balik2 man u mng..bosan aihh

Mie Amour said...

yeah!!chelsea rule this mmg sux gile bile dorang draw 2x this week..newcastle mmg xbest pun tp defend superb..bordeux men mmg bgus n ptt dipuji..luckily liv pun draw gak in premier league..hmm...but my heart is still for chelsea..

RinG said...

to diver miskin,

waah, you're the first Man U fan who get see through reality. don't worry, we will stop Liverpool and win. too bad you choose Man City as rival compared to Chelsea. i guess it is due to United loss to City twice last season, right? btw, forget about Mourinho, he's dead already at Stamford Bridge. ps/ doubt Man U could fill the top 4........

to izzahismail,

exactly, that's why players like Beckham and Kaka can rich just buy selling those player's merchandise.. well, a lil advice about football, in football, you chase the ball, not the player.. haha, kidding!

to silence,

haha, yeap! Chelsea! kalo singgah uk, bli la jersey Chelsea satu.. buat hadiah kenangan kat i.. hehe

to Mr. Schomey,

amboooi, sape yg brangan sebenarnya ni? season lps pon man u tercungap-cungap.. season ni starting pon da truk sesangat.. tgk2 season dpn man u xlps pon nk masuk UEFA Cup.. haha

to mie amour,

haha, totally and very agreed! diorang draw mmg sucks, tp nasib baik yg lain2 pon draw, arsenal mmg xmasuk story la.. haha.. xpe, hero mmg camtu, The Blues katekan.. jap agi diorang kite tinggal la.. haha.

Diver.Miskin said...


Its not bout City beating us twice last year (btw, we beat them last nite.. yeehaaa!!).. its a local derby... a battle to be the best team in Manchester... just like Liverpool n Everton, Inter Milan n AC Milan, Rangers n Celtic or even Selangor n KL (Semi Pro era)...

besides Man City n Liverpool.. other teams that we hate are Leeds United (cause they really hate us.. Leeds is known to be our feeder club.. i.e Cantona n Ferdinand).. and Arsenal (the players just cant get along.. Ian Wright wit Schmeichel.. Keane n Viera.. the whole Arsenal team wit Ruud)..

btw.. United not in the top 4?? u got to be kidding me... Since the EPL was introduced back in 1992.. we never fail to be in the top 3.. i repeat 'NEVER'... and i dont see the trend gonna change... in fact, mathematically we are so much in the race.. tho' i doubt we have the team to win it.. but writing off United from race at this stage, could be big a huge blunder.. let us recap wat happen to Newcastle n Arsenal after they lead wit a ample point... end of the day, United still the champ.. heheheheh

p/s: I Love Football!!!

Princess Liyana said...

go Chelsea go!!huhu

RinG said...

to diver miskin,

oh, right, it is a local derby. last year is theirs and nights ago it is yours. haha.. for the others, i don't know.. looks like you're talking facts and realities and i'm prety bad with those stuff.. sorry, but there's a voice telling me United can't get through.. usually, these voices came out to be true...

ps/ i love talking ball

to princess liyana,

thank you for your support but, chelsea don't get through last game. luckily liverpool manage to draw.. we're in chasing position now..