December Post

As usual, too lazy to make some updates and this one is for December post. Though I have something, many things to share but writing is never be as fun as before. In the past, when I want something to share, an issue to express, I would make a lot of sentences and write it up in this blog. But now, I always prefer twitting about anything, it needs not anything too elaborative to share what's on my mind. But as lazy as I am, tweeter also a bit abandoned lately. But tweeting is much more easier so I post my thoughts much at twitter rather than blogger.

So should I say blogging is way much backwards nowadays? Well compare to the enjoyment of blogging in the past and now, I can say blogging sure going dead sooner. Whatever it is, this blog I can say I will to keep it updated and alive as long as possible. (In before, I have a few blogs and after series of failed commitment I shut it down and opened up a new one.)

So here are some of my life's updated info (for those who miss me lar har har har).

1. I changed my rims again
2. Follow me on twitter, amir7474
3. My car is healthy
4. My studies going wrong (judged by comparing my result and friends)
5. Next month is my birthday
6. Oh I already bought the FIFA2011 game. If you play it online, add me up ->ame88
7. Malaysia wins the AFF Suzuki Cup, quite impressive!
8. Next semester is the last semester, good luck to everybody!
9. Already read 3 novels, but too lazy lazy lazy to share the stories. Later if get some times will share

Last but not least, I will try to go to your blog sooner or later and leave some comments. (I always been to everybody's blog and read only, later I'll post the comments).

For this coming 2011, I wish everybody another successful year and a great health!


Norae said...


Happy new year.. melepak kat mana malam nih?

Aimi Sulaiman said...

hahaa..aku baru nak berjinak2..ko dah nak tggl kan benda alah ni..cehh~

HEROICzero said...

ah come on la. atleast post tahun baru duh~

Anonymous said...


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