January yo!

Oh here I am again, trying so hard to make a post every month just because I have made my promise to update this blog once a month. Like a faithful person, well here I am. So this post is for January post. January, hmm when it comes to January, people will think about new year. At this time, they will usually rethink about what they had done in the year before and making their own new year’s resolution. Well that’s a good thing as it makes you into a better person for each year. But sadly, the resolution only works for maybe around 3 weeks only, later up they’ll end up becoming the person which had come the year before that.

As for me, when it comes January, usually I don’t make my resolution, if I had, it is only for the purpose of bragging and show off just because I don’t want to left behind. Not to say making a resolution is out of time or resolution is only for those who likes of dreaming, it is only because making new year’s resolution is not working for me. January is the month where I could only think about my birthday. Yeah, I’m marking my own birthday, how pathetic I am right, but if there anyone who doesn’t did it? Well on my birthday, I’m not only thinking about my last year’s achievement, I’m reflecting my whole life’s experiences.

2011, now I am becoming 23 years old. Some may expect at this age sure this person must have been very matured and grown up, but I can confess, I am not reaching up to that expectation yet. Sure nobody at my age goes to mcD and buys a happy meal and plays the free toys alone but it still happened to me, owh how lonely I am, but heey, it feels good man. At 23, I never expect anybody to buy me a birthday present for me, well of course I am not, and who would buy me the presents? But again, my father did give me a present, he bought me an iPohne4 yo! Guess how happy I am of getting that phone, credits to my father for loving me unconditionally. I am happy to be belong in my family, I am very grateful.

And I believe after 23 years of living, I have a lots of good friends around me. Thank God I am making more friends rather than making enemies, oh God forbid.

What I want to point out here is, though I’m leading a very simple life, I am still being happy. So, this is me at 23 year old. Hopefully when I am 24th, I would turn into a better person.

Happy Birthday to me!


HEROICzero said...



weh, as usual lah, aku dah sent text mesej wish birthday.

sejak lepas spm beb!


Happy birthday bro.

*gua dah agak dh lu ade iphone. konon2 ckp, "ceh mcm ade iphone" padahal ada!

Aimi Sulaiman said...

cakap ngan ayah ko aku nak satu jugakkk..haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. =(

sasuke said...

haa...tambah 1 lgi.aku pn nk jge

RinG said...


ye ye, thanks dale, ko kene igt gak, bday ko aku wish sejak f4 lagik tuh. aah, emosi plak ko kat sini wadehel?

aimi and sasuke,

boleh boleh, ayah aku kata isi borang calon menantu dulu, then claim dkt hantaran k. hahaha

Mr. Schomey™ said...

berlagak sial ada iphone4! kah3!

RinG said...

kah kah kah, ko pon angkut le. murah murah je beb

Aimi Sulaiman said...

hahahaha..cehhh nak kena borang menantu bagaii..aku nak hp je lahhh! haha

shotliver said...

YAY!! its the new year!! I shall try to keep up with the blog this year amir! glad to see you are still wirting :)

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