Help the Needy Reads

When I start owning a car, I have done some revision on my financial for the whole semester. This is to ensure I won't die starving because I need to pump my car and fuel is never expected to be cheap in years around. My new budget is about turning the unnecessary spending into a more economical and healthier spending such as, instead of having a sweet drinks while having meals I ordered plain water, I eat breakfast so that I can skip the lunch because it is cheaper in that way plus I don't really like lunch, don't know why. Stop buying the novel is the most drastic action I've done so far.

I don't know why I like reading novel so much because I lived in a community where people don't read but for me(for me only la), stopping reading story books is like killing my senses.I have tried reading downloaded novels but it never works like switching plain water from sweetened drinks. I am traditionalist so reading a real book is more enjoyable compare to what you read at computer. You won't get those nice book smells if you're reading from computer. Hihi.

But now the semester is over, I am home, penniless and still can't afford to buy one. Even my stomach now is functioning because of my parents' mercy (and not forgotten to God). So if there is anybody of you out there wants to share your books, feel free to post it to me. I am very grateful to cilok one of your good books. Hehe.


Achu Tra said...

bro ring..want free reading heh??...spent 20-30 minutes a day at MPH/Popular/any nearby bookstore..reading any of yr fav. the shelf...a week u already spent 140-210 minutes..if u are a fast reader u already read half of the book..but don't forget to bring your bookmark!! heh..heh..kecek oghe puteh pulok aghi nih!!

HEROICzero said...

Buku baru, Wira Tunggal : Final

Mr. Shcomey™ said...

haha..adil,jgn lupe buku ONe piece..haha

alaa amir..mcm la aku xtaw knape ko xley stop bace novel..sbb ko nak tiru ayat novel kan? cintan la lu! haha ;p

cik kiah said...

baca lar a thousand splendid suns by khaled hosseini. best. but then buku ni pasal endureness of women. or you might want to read the kite runner. by the same author. best best. eh tapi kata takdak duit. nak pinjam ke hehe