What makes you go top?

If someday you have a very successful life, what do you think makes you success? Is it because of your hard work? Or is it because of your parents always praying for your success? Whatever it is, success only came from The One. You'll never success without His supports. But everyone knows that. Do you think you need more to success? Okey, what is it? What?! A million?! A million to success, not a million of success? Okey, a million what? A million ringgit?

Well, for certain, they think RM1 000 000 can boost their ability to success. Self motivation is not enough to guarantee you to success. Patriotism don't have any value to help you winning any event. Well, that's what our government will pay for a plastic gold medal in this coming Olympic event. Each plastic gold medal will cost my our government RM1 million. Sounds crazy eh?

Do you think our player can really perform with the offer? Do you?

Again, the government disappoint me. They say they don't have money, then why bother to pay our athlete that huge. The cost for the game alone is never cheap. From accommodation, food, and the bla-bla-bla, there's nothing free when you're going to Beijing. Hellooo, it is never measured in Ringgit to pay whatever that is not free. Even what you will see on the television also paid okey.

So, the government should play very nice to us this time. If they insist giving them the money, it's okay, fine, but I want you to tax the athletes who won it by 60% of the value given. Else, they should promise something like, for each gold medal we win, we will have a 10 cent oil price cut off. Well, that's more reasonable. Our athletes’ burden will be shifted from the bloody RM1million to the rakyat's hope. Imagine we won 10 gold medals, we will have RM1 oil price being cut off. Athletes will be everybody's heroes for a lifetime.

I never wants to object our government's effort to make Malaysia a glory nation, but make sure it is never too much. For me, RM1 million is too much.


pReciOus shaRihaNa iLesOr said...

1mil sgt xpatot.

mst buat keputusan semalaman je.
tu la asyik x logik jer.


cik kiah said...

SGT tak logik
dun know what are in their minds

Norae said...

RM 1 million - boleh dibelanjakan ke arah yang lebih memberi manfaat instead of ganjaran kepada atlete.

Hairannya apabila Pak2 menteri kita asyik menyuruh kita berubah, tetapi, mereka pula asyik membazirkan wang rakyat..

bila nak tukar government nie..taka tahan mlihat amalan korupsi & ketidakcekapan pentadbiran.

izzahismail said...

they are wasting money for nonsense and end up,they dont have money and they need our money for it.where do they get our money? lots and lots of taxes and recently the hiking up of oil prices.

what with the saying nak ubah care hidup konon? haish..

RinG said...

to precious sharihana ilesor,

mmg xpatot! suruh org berjimat, tukar gaya hidup, depa plak makin mewah2.. mmg diorang xlogik!

to cik kiah,

mmg SGT xlogik! know what's on their mind? mesyuarat agung 'alif mim nun wau' ... bila diorang pikir nih, national agenda is not something you should worry.. that's why RM1mill is nothing.

to norae,

btol2.. rm1million tu menunjukkan kerajaan bnyk duit dan MAMPu beri subsidi minyak.. xpon bagi pendidkan percuma smpai ke peringkat uni.. saya pon xsabar nk tukar kerajaan kalo begini la pe'el diorang.. cakap tak serupa bikin.

to izzahismail,

yes, RM 1million is coming from our money. we pay our tax! i hate the government une my money on that way..

Princess Liyana said...

byk sgt:p boleh buat pembangunan lain:p membazir!

izzahismail said...

i linked ur page ;))

Aku Yang Weird said...
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Aku Yang Weird said...

For em 1M is nothing dude, for example : semi d house cost +/- 700k, interior renovation 300k. So bg mereka yg tak mampu, tanam ubi, tanam sayur =) kempen bumi hijau.. waklu laaaaaa

MindHeartBodySoul said...

To the RM1 milllion is nothing. Just a small amount to be ignored.

When 1 million is nothing,
they can not see, feel the value of oil price increased RM0.72...

1 million is nothing to them...
still considered as small amount of money... why? because they used to received trillionssssssssss of money to their pockets.

Every 1 cent counted.
Malaysians need to know where all the money spent for.

Plastic gold medal is nothing by most of the citizens who still struggling to feed their mouth.

Some of the citizens even don't have the time to think about olympic, sukan, achievements, bla-bla-bla...

Nak pikir pasal perut lapar, esok mana nak cari duit nak blanjar anak skolah, duit tambang nak pegi kerja pun tak setel2 nak pikir...

Moga Allah melaknat pemimpin2 yang zalim, zalim, zalim, zalim, zalim, zalim dalam tindakan mereka...

mie_amour said...

really got annoyed n irritated by kbs statement..tolonglah jgn abiskan duit rakyat n plzzz...listen to majority...u have some points ere buddy..agree wif u..

Anonymous said...

well..unless they were like the late Mokhtar Dahari,I dun have a gut to say no about one million ringgit.n yeah,i do agree with norae about corruption in our administration.seriously.when it comes to 1 million bucks,people go blind.

RinG said...

to princess liyana,

mmg bnyk sgt, kalo xnk buat pembangunan, buat kebajikan pon orait jgk sbnrnya

to izzahismail,

whoaa, ty!!! well, i'd link yours too!

to aku yang weird,

yup, if they can afford for a renovation like that, they should afford to give every successful Malaysian a reward like that.

to mindheartbodysoul,

aku understand you! as a student, I can feel the burden too. and the most expensive experienced I had learnt is, RM 1M for a gold plastic is a crapt.

to mie_amour,

yeap, Malaysia is a democracy country where mojority speaks louder than government. but why they don't get our cries? people keep talking but they remain di bawah tempurung

to ariana,

ooo yes, even Mokhtar Dahari don't get any promises when he plays for our country, but still, he is the hero. sport is about prides, not prizes