The Declassified of 1969

Recently, I bought this book:

The author of the book is (Dr.) Kua Kia Soong, somebody from SUARAM. The book is great for me as I never have a real picture about what had happen during 1969 riots. All Malaysian knows of what had happened during 1969. It is the time when Malaysia took a wrong step which makes Malaysia today. Even you like it or not, the blood spilled already.

About the book, it really helps me to understand of what really happened during the time. Of how important for us, Malaysians to understand the situation and to make sure that it would not repeated again. The big surprised at the very early of pages is, the riots is not a spontaneous one, but it was planned by certain freaks as a weapon against Tunku Abdul Rahman, the first Malaysia Prime Minister. Surprised? That's what keeps me turning those pages. To know more about this, buy it as I don't want to be the only one who knows about this.But the book is looking more on economical perspective so I'm a little bit confused. Confused about all the economy's abbreviation used and the great news is, as it is more on economic perspective, no racial hatred spread.

Then the real image of what had happened during the riots is explained carefully on each page. Why the most killed and wounded bodies found is Chinese also in here. But what makes me didn't like a little bit about this book is, how the author like to put all blames on Malays (read; Tunku). Read by yourself if you want to know more, I just can't find the correct words to explain these (I'm not stupid).

Well, if anybody out there happen to buy this book, sure it would be a great readings. You'll shock to death to know how the riots happen. All of us should know about this. The government should not hiding this anymore. Malaysians are matured. Stopping all of us knowing the truth will make the history walks again by itself. The recent general election situation looks alike of that 1969 election and I hope want nothing bad will happen.

RinG is in encouraging YOU to know OUR history


cik kiah said...

wow.very proud of u.i mean, for real, how many youngsters out there would ever consider to buy that kind of book. they just hate history, most of them.(did i just say hate?) enough to say that they dun even appreciate history lesson taught in school. i mean, if they did, there shouldn't be everyday-is-worse social problems in Malaysia, should there?

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

~ perasan la buku nie cam banyak jer kat MPH. tak plak terdetik nak g amik and baca kan. next book, maybe 13may nie kot. i love history btw. :) ~

RinG said...

to Cik kiah,

i'm proud to know i'm not a typical youngsters. haha. i don't hate history, it's my life.

to ~mizzamy~,

memang banyak pun buku ni, tapi xramai pun nak beli. tapi, boleh tahan la buku ni, sungguh bagus.

mie_amour said...

can i borrow it?quite a long time since i read historical books...

MindHeartBodySoul said...

The number thirteen... 13 is the ideal number believed by Illuminati to do the betrayal or sabotage to
their enemies.

Hope there would be never another 'bloody'may 13th. Cukuplah sekali.

Kesan, akibat & pengajaran.

RinG said...

to mie_amour,

yes you can borrow it if you want to, and it depends on where are you living. haha. btw, this is not too historical but more on documentary.

to mindheartbodysoul,

13 is indeed a bad number to certain.
and nobody wants it to repeat. having one riot is not enough, it is too much!

Princess Liyana said...

Wow Ring:)
you must really love history subject?aren't u?i can see that..
hm,you're right. we must make sure that the same tragedy will not happen again. NEVER!
Live harmony:)

RinG said...

to princess liyana,

yeap, history is my life. and for a sure thing, unity is what it takes to stop the riots to happen again. live harmony!

pReciOus shaRihaNa iLesOr said...

looks lyk im d only typical youngsters here.


xminat history.
xrajen baca buku ilmiah.

i am ignorant.

i shud read more eyh ring?

Anonymous said...

anyway,malaysia is sooo damn lucky to have people like u.who wanna know bout the past.well..people say let bygone be bygone.but,how could we forget the past to ensure that we'll never repeat the same mistakes again,right?i'm not blaming who's on the wrong side or not,but as a reminder.take a look at Malaysia know,there's no doubt if the same riot will happen again.there's such a wide gap built between races.hmmmm....

p/s:mr. ring,do comment my new friendster skin's design,eh?

RinG said...

to precious sharihana ilesor,

what a good long name you have! hehee.. typical youngsters bite people, i hope ypu don't bites lah.. not reading is not ignorant, itu namanya pandai.. read more to gain more..!

to ariana,

ty for the compliment, but me alone won't change the fact.. everybody should know about this.. so, after learn something, hope this will never happen again.

Princess Liyana said...

wow!i'm impressed:)
huhu way to go!
Live harmony..huhu