Save Our Woman

Woman, as many know is considered 'weak' compared to man. Don't get me wrong, I mean, they are physically considered weak, compared to men. So, woman must be protected. That's why we have special ministry to help woman, a needy one to survive. Woman has so many specialities in life. Even Islam put woman right's at a very high priority. And God had bestowed woman with a Suraa, An-Nisa'. How virgin the woman is!

In Malaysia, woman had nothing less than man. Here, we have plenty of societies to help woman. You won't find any society who wants to help single father but there are plenty of societies and clubs who are willingly to help single mother. How special woman is.

Months ago, quoting a minister by saying that every woman who wants to travel out of this country, alone, must get permission from their family first. Look how serious we want to help our woman. But this idea was backlashes by our own Minister of Woman and (........) if I'm not mistaken . Seriously, man tried to protect woman.

To make us a proud man, recently, a group of Malaysian students had beat African students because of 'protecting' woman and the case still unclassified whether they are protecting the girls or just being jealous to African. Yeap, who says African don't have qualities. Haha. See, Malaysian men love our women. We won't let you go into any danger. However, there are plenty of men still abusing woman. Their mentality is at dinosorous' IQ level. They don't deserve a 9 months free stay in their mother's body.

RinG in against woman abuse and supporting Italy for Euro 2008!


shotliver said...

Good post! I droped by every now and then to check out your blog :P
and if you do have the chance, you really should visit NZ, it's absolutley stuning! Its a really small country and you will be disapointed if you want to go for shoping :P but the scenery is beautiful :D

Anonymous said...

hello ring!i love the way u see something differently.u got ur own,i'm always reading ur writing!

RinG said...

shotliver, ariana, thank you, thank you very much for being so supportive!!! (n_n)

Anonymous said...

i'm wondering what's ur fantastic thoughts next??;)