RinG rolls back!

It's been a while since I'd writing in here. Well, I have a fever for a last few days. After the football fever, I manage to have my own fever, and too bad nobody knows it. Hmm, kudos to my parents for being so caring. But I guess I'm getting better now. There is nothing much that I can do when I was sick. I don't drive, I don't get out, I don't futsal, I failed to don't make some readings, but I manage to do one thing.

What it is? Well, sure it is a damn good thing, right?

Well, I managed to make my own links to other blogs that I frequently go. Well, I'm surprised that it seems so little that I have. So, if anybody out there think their blog is not here, and wants it to be here, please do tell me! I'll put yours Hmm, another super-duper surprised is, most of the blogs that I went, and appeared in my lists are belong to women. Whoa, am I a silent pervert?


alisabki said...

welcome back RinG. Happy blogging~

shotliver said...

wah Ring... you have been sick?? that's not good! Hope you are better now :) Look after your self and take it easy!

Norae said...


demam rupanya.. patutlah sunyi sepi..

Norae said...

oppss... lupa.. take care

pReciOus shaRihaNa iLesOr said...

a silent pervert eyh?

i tink u r more to a ladies man.


p/s demam sorg2 xbesh kn?

nadzri said...

“Inflation ?? Women & Micro Economy, The Dinar & Dirham Solution”

Penceramah: Umar Vadillo (Cendikiawan Islam Sepanyol)

Tempat: Masjid Saidina Umar Al-Khattab, Bukit Damansara Kuala Lumpur.

Tarikh: 6 Julai 2008 (Ahad)

Waktu: 5 petang.

Semua dijemput hadir....

Anonymous said...

oh yeah..u add up my links too!
thanks anyway~
u too.selamat belajar.
'darjat seseorang terletak pada usahanya'.i took this phrase from 'pintu gerbang' UTM.hihi!

RinG said...

to alisabki,

thank you very much!

to shotliver,

yes i am, but I am better now. ty yea!

to norae,

sunyi sepi eh? lol.. ty ya!

to precious sharihana ilesor,

huhu, i can't take your thought.. seems like i am a real pervert. haha.. ps/ mmg xbest demam sensorang.

to nadzri,

waah, jemputan lah.. tp saya di shah alam waktu ini.

to ariana,

no problem lah.. darjat seseorang mmg terletak pada usahanya. cerita antara dua darjat takde plak pasal mende ni eh..

Anonymous said...

amir, chill. women blogging more tham men. hehehe. so, x salah pon. not that too pervet i assume? thanks anyway for the private name tu. appreciate it a lot. zaty

cik kiah said...

demam?glad u r doing good by now.

haha not a pervert, a blog stalker would be nicer.haha

p/s : dah ready ke nak blk shah alam?

me.CONNIE.me said...

"super duper pervert eh??"
wahaha~ takde la.

RinG said...

to anonymous zaty,

yo, i'm chill and cold! haha.. is that true ladies blogs more than gentlemen? waah, i'm considered as rare creature!!! by the way, no problem!

to cik kiah,

i'm doind fine now. and now i'm back to stalk women's blog. haha.. esk la kot balik shah alam.. sesangat malas2

to me.connie.me,

haha, xke? ye ke? oooh, lega mendengarnya.. neither me don't want to be like that.