A New Journey

A new semester had begun. With new challenges coming ahead, 3rd semester will promises another joys and successful storyline. Well, this semester, I lived in a rented house. A house equipped with a police station underneath. Yes, I have a police station under my house. I like my new house. With 3 other great housemates, we need 2 more persons to make our rents and bills reasonable. So, whoever needs a room to rent in Shah Alam, with a police station under the house, call me.

New semester also brings new students to usha greet. I don’t know why, but every time new students came, it seems like they’re all looking so kebudak-budakan. Huhu, or maybe my face looks so mature I can call people like this. Well, you know it, faces with amazement, shock, and try-to-look-cool. When I first came here, I know I never had those kinds of faces. Haha. But no matter where I go, the juniors always look like that.


Princess Liyana said...

Totally agree with you!
"so kebudak-budakan". ehehe, mentang2la dah fourth year. blagak besarla princess skang:p

cik kiah said...

cik kiah dah 2nd yr pun still childish. haha cant be helped la.im young in heart

mie_amour said...

ahahhaha...yeah!so kebudak2an..yeke u dun hve 'that face' when ur 1st time came there?neway, kbudak2an face has it own advntage tau...huhu...gudluck 4 da new sem...jgn buat prangai..polis bwh rumah..

Norae said...


since when you have grown up?... hehe.. makwe ramai.. bolehler usha..

shotliver said...

Waahh ring you are getting old! ha ha ha ha ha :) sound like a lot of fun! I miss my university days sometimes... enjoy it while it last :)

RinG said...

to princess liyana,

hoho, time ni la nk blagak jd org besar.. haha..

to cik kiah,

huhu, still childish? hmm, don't get mad if anyone of your batch pandang slack.. haha

to mie_amour,

yeap, my face shows no emotion.. i xda that childish faces.. haha.. polis bwh rumah, mmg jd remaja bertauliah laa.. baik2 je, hoho..

to norae,

i'm a grown up since the first day i'm alive laa.. haha..

to shotliver,

hey, i'm growing up! not getting older! haha.. yes, it is the happiest moment of my study life. would be nicer if I have an extra money to support my life (of living rich and famous)..

izzahismail said...

hey you.
good luck okkei with new sem ;)

izzahismail said...

hey you.
good luck okkei with new sem ;)

RinG said...

to izzahismail,

hey there, ty yea!!!

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

~ seronok jer baca enrty2 dak2 U nie. mengingatkan zmn2 belajar dulu. huhuhu...

btw, i add ur link ok? ~

Princess Liyana said...

time ni je nak blagak. bila lagi:p huhuhu

pReciOus shaRihaNa iLesOr said...

faces with amazement, shock, and try-to-look-cool eyh?

then i guess u got that
dull, blur and expressionless face yes?


Anonymous said...

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donna said...