Being a Man

Being a man is never an easy job. No, it is not a job, it is a life! Living as a man is hard. There are millions of responsibilities you'll have on your back. There's a big gap between a man and a boy.

Being a boy is easy. Nothing to worry. You wake up from bed, asked about food, go kick a ball, ride your stabilized bicycle, and then asked for a drink. Well, that's so sweet right? But, the more you eat, the more you're aging. You won't stay as a boy forever. You're cathcing more, and more responsibilities.

Okey, looks like I've complained too much huh? Well, maybe I'm a little bit hormonal, that I guess. Haha. Well, I'm going to Shah Alam tomorrow. Back to my sweet like capacitors campus. It's a UiTM everybody. It's not I dislike being there, but, I dislike being apart from my family. Well, I'm a man in my house (xmalunyee). I did the laundry, I did the house sweeping, I helped my mum in the kitchen, I help my abah with the garden, I took care of my fever-ing grands. Look! There are too many responsibilities I had left behind! How can I leave just like that? Leaving nobody to take care of what I am leaving?

What I'm really concern is about my grands. Both of them are having a very high fever right now (I got mine from them, that I guess), so, who's going to take care of them? Really uneasy of this. I wish holiday is a month more.

After watching Super Sapien (Hellboy) story at TV3, there's a something-like-a-poem-to-me, it sounds like this (not 100% accurate):

"What makes someone into a man?

Is it how he lived, or
how he was thought? "

Hmm, for me, it is by experienced. This holiday thought me of what it takes to be a man. A responsible man. My parents had forced me to the max to learn and earn. Learn how to live and earn by myself. I didn't get money easily now, I need to work. Work for my parents lah. Well , it's good. I like it and it kind of sad and hard to leave all of this. I always like Kelantan as my place of living. Too calm and peace even you're living in the middle of town. Say, why I'm telling crapt? Tu la, kecil2 dulu xnak belajar, besar2 kan dah susah. So, never say being a man is easy, what else to be a superhero.

So, blogging will be dull, study is hard!


rauhunt said...

Wah ..such a very soleh lad you are.

shotliver said...

Waaaah ring.. you are actually using my hormonal quote ha ha ha ha ha! I love it!I feel so Special now LOL....
OH I hope your grands are alright :) seems like you are growing up LOL.. why not! good on you :D

cik kiah said...

kagum2 :)
all da best in studies

mie said...

wah.. good boy huh.. :)


all the best.. n good luck.. (",)

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

~ wah, anak saper la nie? rajinnya... hikhikhik...

dah balik UITM la kot, so selamat belajar yer adik2. ;) ~

Norae said...


welcome to the reallllll world..
anak yg soleh yea.. ekkekeke

izzahismail said...

wah,ur parents surely proud of you.
anyway,good luck ;)

RinG said...

to rauhunt..

ty eah!!! xda la soleh mana ponn.. sjae dgr kate..

to shotliver,

yes! i'm using your's hormonal quote!!! haha.. i'll use it again next time. btw, ty for the wishes.. my grands are getting better now.. hope they'll recover soon..

to cik kiah,

kagum? hehe.. ty! all the best to you too.

to mie,

good boy? actually, a good man.. haha.. ty yea!!! good luck to you too!

to ~mizzamy~,

anak mapk bapak saye laa.. haha.. kene dgr kate mak bapak la kalo nk jd anak mak bapak..

other comments will reply later.. lecturer datang daaa

silence said...

amir, a man and a women never fails to make mistakes. ones who never made mistake never grown up. life experience will taught us all. i agree with you. to be a responsible man, it starts at home and from there, it shows how you are basically and insyaAllah, u will be a very presentable man. :)

Princess Liyana said...

Wah wah!bgusnya dia!
Berebut wanita di luar sana:)uhuuhu

RinG said...

to silence,

whoaa, what a great advices! ty yea! btw, i try to be a responsible didn't meant i want to be very responsible.. hoho

to princess liyana,

wah wah wah, bagus ke? ade nk berebut eh? chuaknyaa.. haha

mie_amour said...

wala...baiknya anak mak ni...gudluck with this semester pun one of the responsibility hard n smart laa...moga cepat sembuh nenek yu k...

RinG said...

to mie_amour,

ty yea!!! ty for the wishes too!