Today is very calm. This weekend is a very awaiting time for me. The last week is a disastrous week for me. The whole week, starting from Monday till Friday, I suffered a lot. But the worst is on Tuesday. It is the day I had my first laboratory session for this semester. The lab session is a failure one this time. 4 hours spent in the lab just to connect some networks and (tried) to obtain certain outputs is a disappointed one.

This semester, I am with new lab partner. This new partner is a lady. What makes a real problem is not her gender, but her attitude. She doesn’t help me, she just watched, she sat there waiting me to connect everything and then when everything goes wrong, she can’t do anything except questioning me why it goes wrong? Aah, I can’t imagine going like this throughout the semester. By the way, this is the first time I’m having a girl as a lab partner and I hope she won’t break my respect towards women’s reputation doing jobs.

The lab partner is one, the other problem regarding my lab session is, the way lab session is handled is totally different compared to the last 2 semesters and I am very unhappy with it. Plus, we’ll having a mini project by mid-semester and I can’t imagine how to work with my new lab partner and I’m dead worry with the presentation session with her.

So, the morale of the story is, the faculty should allow us to choose our partner group by ourselves. We’ll be very happy and might score with a great marks and the happiness will back to the faculty.


shotliver said...

Thank you Ring!! I accidentally push publish LOL I wasn't finished writing yet LOL.. so now it's all done:D
I see you are slightly frustrated with the new lab partner he he he he good luck, I know it;'s not easy...

izzahismail said...

good luck with your lab partner.
it is just so hard to work with someone who doesnt contribute.

chill ok ;))

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

~ pity u but u should talk to her. ask her to do it. if not, she doesn't even know the practical. study life is totally different with work.

i hate work in grouping. sometime, they doesn't make the things easier. ~

mie_amour said...

eiy...faculty arrangekan lab partner?dasatnya..this is a free countrylaa...haiyo!tak bebasnya...well, not all girls mcm tu but i admit mmg ada certain yg....hmm...irritating and pemalas!the same goes with boys laa kan..i'll pray 4u buddy..

silence said...

hahaha. sian nye. ckp lar kat die cmni ' eyh, boleh x give a hand as well? boleh ke? if x, i will report' . hahaha. be kejam. :P

RinG said...

to shotliver,

huhu, thank you.. i think i'm getting better with her now.. she's helping a lot now. i judged too soon.

to izzahismail,

yeap, contribution is a must in a team! i'm getting chill to think about the final result if this happen to going on like this..

to ~mizzamy~,

i don't talk to her, i blog about her, and i think she read this (nope, i don't think so), and she's being helpful a lot now. btw, i too feels that, working by group make things more complicated..

to mie_amour,

yeap, faculty yg arrange-kan.. based on class we choosed. tp, mmg sume jantina ada perangai mcm ni, but she's a lady and i have a high expectation towards her doing jobs. pray for my success, thank you!!!!

to silence,

itu mmg sungguh kejam. mmg direct je. tp masyarakat kita masih xbleh ckp direct. kene jaga hati org jgk la kn..

silence said...

ok x pon ckp mcm nie ' eyh awk, xpe lah, biar sy je yg buat kerja nie. awk duduk2 lar buat apa awk nak buat. hehe' . hehhehe. ckp mcm ni, confirm die terasa. erks. xpon, nak indirect lg, ckp cmni 'erm, if awk xtahu xpe, meh kt try buat k. if kt xtahu kt tanye awk k' . ha.. sopan sikit kan. :P

p/s: if nk bg komen kat page kt, tulis kat shout box tu je k.

Princess Liyana said...

Alahai. Why don't you ask her as in "forcing" her to do it?aiyok! takkan nak relax je;p

cik kiah said...

dont simply judge

do observe first :)