Last week, I...

Last week, I am broke. I don’t have much money and too bad I didn’t notice it earlier. It was a shameful moment when I went to the counter to pay for a bottled drink and realised I only have RM1 in my wallet. What a shame! What a shame! Only by then I rushed to the bank and withdraw some. The whole week was so busy for me to notice that I didn’t have money.

Last week, I finally have my own motorcycle for me to go to class gets easier. When I don’t have the motorcycle, I have to wait for my friend so that I can have a ride with him. I hate waiting, but that was not my main problem. The real problem was, when the class is over, I had to walk right from the class, through the almost-every-week-accident busy university road, until I finally reached home. Dah la dalam lautan pejalan kaki tuh, boleh dikatakan selalunya, aku sorang je laki yang berjalan kaki balik umah! Letih satu hal! Macho pon nak kena control! Letih, letih! But now, life is getting easier. I don’t need to wait for my friend; neither do I need to walk to get home. Last week is a time when I killed one of my sufferings.

Last week, I just got to know that I am living in a place where technology is unreachable. My house cannot have radio frequency signal, the Maxis services are very bad in here, and worst, we don’t have any Telekom account in here and it makes Internet at home is zero. The radio is worst. I don’t know any new great songs now. My phone always appears to be like ‘emergency calls only’ and makes a call and texting some messages seems impossible. This situation is getting tensioning. Maxis, do something quickly!


Princess Liyana said...

Alahai. Been so busy smpai tak sedar duit dah takde.

Congrats!huhu motor apa?leh la race dengan nebox(skuter ego i):p

Maxis!do something please!

silence said...

sedihnyeeeeeeeeeeeeeee psl last week. must be a very hectic i reckon. chin up! n be brave for the next coming week.

shotliver said...

Oohh rrinng... you poor thing... but that's ok.. life is up and down like that... and if it never rain you'll never appreciate sunny days :) hope you are having a better week soon! look after your self...

PS: Jalan kaki is healty... you will be fit soon... Providing no accident on the busy road :P

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

~ lor, siannya sampai camtuh sekali ker busy nya? duit tinggal rm1 pun tak perasan. adeh...

yup, when u have ur own motor then senang la nak ke kelas even nak kuar makan n so on kan.

sila tukar ke celcom la kalo maxis tak dek signal. ;) ~

mie_amour said...

ey..ey..elok2 bwk moto..jgn rempit2 sgt..huhu..dont b like me...accdnt smpai dua kli..take extra care bahaya..

Norae said...

ciannya.. tapi akak dedulu, zaman study.. sengkek tu perkara biasa..

congrates dapat motor.. panjang le langkahnya iyeaa :)

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

~ dear ring,

i have changed my url to ~

RinG said...

to princess liyana,

uihh,mmg b sesangat.. ni pon baru nk reply je.. hoho.. nk race moto? saya punya wave100 aja..

to silence,

yeap, very hectic puny SEDIH... (T.T)

to shotliver,

ooh, i almost not recognize you when you type 'jalan kaki'.. hoho.. btw, i'm having a better week now but still the hectic life still didn't change..

to ~mizzamy~,

yeap, mmg senang je ble ada motor.. harap2 nnti time nk bli minyak moto xxde la tinggal rm1 je dlm wallet.. haha..

to mie_amour,

moto mmg bahaya.. mmg berhati2, harap2 selamat, insya Allah..

to norae,

sengkek waktu zaman blaja ni dah semacam jd satu kemestian.. kalo xsengkek tu, kire jenis berjimat la kot.. anak jutawan pon bleh sengkek time blaja...

to ~mizzamy~,

ty for the info

Princess Liyana said...

ha ha ha.mcmla ego laju sgt:P

pReciOus shaRihaNa iLesOr said...

dpt moto.

xbesh kn bla xtau latest songs nie.
cam dok dlm gua jer raser.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Got a new bike?Gotta pay more aatention so anything bad wouldn't happen on u.Cuz last week,a UTM student died instantly after being hit by the car while she was riding a bike.Poor her.Eh2,thanks 4 ya concern.I've updated mine!Know what,last month i've stepped myself into UiTM.Well..I love tat canseleri building!Grand seyh...haha!