Pakatan Rakyat, beware, the UiTM sings!

When Tan Sri Khalid suggested for UiTM be opened to non-Malays and non-bumis, there were many reactions arise among UiTM members. Mostly, they were angry. But there are some who seems like the idea but ended being criticised by others. If you ask me, I would say, let UiTM be like today.

What happened last week is a great scene for me. I saw students talked about how fortune of Malays to have this special privileges. They raised their concerned for the Malays, not only for them, but also for the future’s benefits too. I got friends who always have crappy talks, but appeared over matured when speaking their minds regarding UiTM issues.

Night before the Shah Alam’s campus rally to the Selangor State Secretariat building, there were students had a convoy around the campus and shouts Malay’s rights. The next day, they walked to the building with pride being a UiTM student. Certain faculties even gave their students a leave on class to let them join the convoy.

Well, the latest ‘demonstration’ by UiTM student that I heard is at UiTM Bukit Mertajam campus. Some consider demonstration at this place is serious. Very serious, especially for the Pakatan Rakyat. The demonstration by students at the area will affect the Permatang Pauh election as Malay voters confidence is very important there. I’m not on any political side but, if this continue to happen, the PKR will have a weak point here. So, a call for Tan Sri Khalid to say his sorry is important for the sake of Malays, Bumiputera, UiTM, and the so much hope towards political changes.


~ mizzAmy ~ said...

~ UiTM was established for the Bumiputera and even their vision n mission itself actually need to be review by the PKR before they come out with these such things. ~

maggie said...

I don't know man,this kinda stuff is rarely wysiwyg.

so the guy tried to venture into new grounds for possibilities and accidentally GRAZED a hornets' nest. the guy didn't think it through. well that's not good enough but what happened after he made that SUGGESTION? did anyone started to openly question the constitution? maybe some non-bumis rallied in Putrajaya holding up signs "YEAH, WHY NOT US?"?

come on, a week. don't you think the fire is kept burning for too long? it's the papers

I'm a malay. I can understand. we're here first but now we have to share and they're better at grabbing the dough than us. this jar of special rights from the great-great-grandpas is the only thing that we have left on our table and somebody said we ought to share? BLASPHEMOUS. CRUCIFY HIM!

I say a gentle slap at the hand and a stern warning should do.

better yet, take it as a wake up call.take the jar and run and make full use of that special rights before they buff up and kick our ass and take it away

because, you gotta admit, we're taking it for granted.

or maybe people just don't want to hear that so I'm screwed

RinG said...

to ~mizzamy~,

yeap, you're right! they should think before speak..

to maggie,

like you said, it is a wysiwyg, whatever. we never learn and we never appreciate what we had done. if you go to uitm by yourself, you'll see why the non-bumis want to enter the university. it is bcos nobody is taking care of the jar and they (or we) only yells when this jar is touch by somebody. we just not appreciating our grandpa's jar. so they want it....

Anonymous said...

well..seems like there's no place for our anak melayu to maju then!
i'm juz disagree with the m since he wanna giv 10 % kuota to the non-bumis.what's really on his mind then?c'mon's our own bangsa..

Anonymous said...

haha non-bumis want to go to uitm
thats got to be a joke